2015-07-09 Study shows exposure to EMF can affect learning and memory


  • Recent study shows that exposure to electromagnetic fields, like those associated with many common devices, can affect learning and memory


In the present study, we have determined that 1 mT ELF MFs exposure for 12 h per day for 7–10 days resulted in a deficit in recognition memory via decreasing density of hippocampal dendritic spines. However, this effect was transient and reversible in the three-week time frame of this study. Over-expression of neuritin in hippocampus could reverse ELF MFs-exposure-induced reduction of dendritic spine density and deficit in recognition memory by increasing spine density. Our study not only associates ELF MFs exposure to impaired learning and memory, but also reveals that neuritin-mediated synaptic plasticity counteracts neuronal changes induced by ELF MFs exposure.


  • The story of a young person who became “sensitive” at a very young age, and must live with this until the industry is forced to reduce exposure.



Olle Johansson just sent info. about another country recognized EHS as a functional impairment – Norway.

“I have just now learnt that the Norwegian EHS organization FELO (=Foreningen for El-Overfølsomme; The Society for the Electrohypersensitive) is a member of the Norwegian disability organization FFO (=Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon; The Norwegian Federation of Organizations of Disabled People), as well as receives an official subsidy based on this.

So more and more countries are now defining electrohypersensitivity as a functional impairment.”


  • Industry article about the amount of data that is being and will be available and how to use it.

“…all the data generated by new grid technologies and help make sense of it.

Take smart meters. According to an internal IBM presentation on Opus, screened for utilities during an event last month, the company expects smart meters to produce more than 150 quadrillion bytes of data per year worldwide by 2020.

That’s 150 followed by 15 zeros, or the amount of information that would be generated by more than 800 million smart meters worldwide by 2020, according to IBM calculations. All of which means an overload of data piled atop an already high level of uncertainty about weather, consumer behavior, fuel costs and energy regulations.”



  • City of Saskatoon going to use Elster smeters.  Elsters have had some problems, just like all the others.



  • Pulitzer Prize winning journalist shows that integrity is still alive, despite the govts’ (provincial and federal) and corporations’ attempts to strangle it.  Paul Watson resigned so he could tell the truth. Hopefully this will encourage other investigative journalists and some whistle blowers to step forward. We can’t succumb to this slow death.

Paul Watson     He’s a Pulitzer Prize Winner (1990s).



his blog:   http://www.arcticstarcreativity.com/blog/2015/7/6/on-resigning-from-the-toronto-star

his twitter:  https://twitter.com/wherewarlives/

his facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/ArcticStarCreativity

he even tape-recorded (supposedly with permission?) his meeting with bosses:    http://canadalandshow.com/article/paul-watson-vs-toronto-star


  • People in Australia getting the run-around just as we are. The Australian exposure guidelines are the same as SC 6 prior to the recent changes. ICNIRP is an industry affiliated group that is pushing for higher limits to accommodate requests by industry.




Newsletter prepared by  Sharon Noble

“In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”      Czeslaw Milosz

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