2015-07-13 Ontario — Energy reduction causes rates to increase. Utilities never cut costs.


1)      It sounds as if Ontario and BC governments and utilities are following the same expensive, corporate-bias business plans.

Unlike private companies that, faced with reduced demand for their services, have to cut back production and costs, the electrical utilities are completely protected by their regulated rate structures. When sales go down, they simply apply to the regulator (the Ontario Energy Board) to raise their rates per unit of sale, denominated in kilowatts per hour (kWh). So, the price for the consumer just goes up after the next rate hearing.”


2)      Hydro Quebec is trying to deflect and deny that the meter bases were not designed or certified to hold the $$meters. This seems to lay the way for putting all the blame for any fire on the homeowner whose base was safe and certified to hold the analog.

New Electric Meters – Owners to Check Safety Themselves – Life in Quebec – July 12, 2015:

3)      As many experts have been warning for years, the wireless grid is extremely vulnerable to attack, accident or solar events. There is no evidence that BC Hydro or Fortis BC have taken measures to ensure we will suffer long-term (months or years) outages. In Maine they are not protected either. I haven’t seen any effort to even raise the alarm by either utility or either party.


4)      Non-smeter.

  British Columbia will start charging companies like Nestle for taking our groundwater and bottling it to sell at a profit. The problem is it will only be charging $2.25 per million litres. A member in the Okanagan calculated that at current rates, he would pay $700 for 1 million litres. Christy Clark and the liberals aren’t even charging what Nestle charges for 1 bottle of water!  This raises major concerns that now our water is a commodity and must be made available to the US. Under NAFTA once we agree to sell water, we could lose control over our rights, but it sounds as if Quebec and PEI are already doing it. We may have lost control already.

Petition — Join me in protecting Canada’s water supply — http://action.sumofus.org/a/bc-bottled-water/?sub=mt.l


Quebec charges $70 and PEI charges $140 according to the G&M.

5)      Below (in Letters)  is a response from Mayor Lisa Helps to comments made regarding the Victoria cell tower petition on Change.org.

6)      Public meeting

 When:    Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 7:30 pm and Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where:  The First United Spiritualist Church 5584 Kincaid St. by Canada Way, South Burnaby.

Vital Information on Wireless Technology

Electro-pollution from Electro-magnetic Fields, Cellphones, Cordless phones, Wi-Fi, Cellphone Towers, Smart Meter Radiation etc.

Invitation to attend two information-packed seminars on the dangers of WI-FI, Cell Phone Tower Radiation, EMR  etc.

Presented by Gerald Hernesmaa and Farren Landers, www.healthyhomesenvironmental.com   Q & A session after each presentation Suggested donation $5



I (the member ) sent this today to Rogers and Industry Canada Spectrum Management Kelowna and Nelson Mayor


Re: Rogers Communications Inc. File #W2993 Nelson DT Rooftop Telecommunications Installation

Location: 333 Victoria St. Nelson, BC

Cavalier Land Ltd

ATTN: Michael Cameron

Could you please tell me how many miles radius will be provided by the installation. How many miles from the installation will the signal travel.

How far northeast and south will this reach.

I am concerned about the health effects of wireless technology.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, in a report released recently, urges the federal government to launch a public awareness campaign about the possible hazards and safe use of wireless technologies. The 10-member panel also wants the government to consider funding research into potential links between radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation exposure and cancer, genetic damage, infertility, development and behaviour problems, and possible harmful effects to the eyes and brain.

The building that would have this installation is a public government building, with mental health, public health, environment offices. Children have vaccinations etc at the public health office in this building.

The Nelson library is across the street and already has wireless wi-fi. Across the street on the other side is the Telus building with a cell tower.

I shop in Nelson frequently and am concerned about how safe it will be to shop in the downtown core and how far the coverage extends.  

 Thank you for your attention to this matter.



 “Mayor of the City of Victoria, Lisa Helps, City Council, and Telus: Remove cell Towers from 1145 Fairfield Road and ban cell towers from low-rise apartment buildings.”.

Read about the update “Mayor Lisa Helps Responds” below,



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.

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