2015-07-16 Study shows people suffer from “hearing” Smart meters

  • Some politicians and officials in the US still have their analogs while encouraging others to take the $$meter. I wonder how many BC politicians and BC Hydro/FortisBC people still have analogs. A BC insider told me that several BC employees were fired for refusing to accept smeters.  What did they know? If you find that any of your MLAs or BC Hydro/FortisBC neighbours still have “legacy meters”,  please let me know.



  • PEI  is using ceramic  bricks to hold heat generated by wind farms  (similar to the stones they use in Ireland to hold heat downloaded cheaply overnight). But why are $$meters needed?



  • An interesting study that shows that some people experience health effects as a result of being able to hear things like $$meters.  Symptoms are very similar to those suffered by people who are sensitive.  Another reason not to have $$meters.



  • A vision of the  Orwellian future of interconnectivity.



  • Below, 2 letters from a blind person who is being harassed by FortisBC. This is unconscionable.






Re. water from Galiano Island:

I live on a small water system comprising 22 properties on one well.  Each household pays an annual water usage fee of six hundred dollars.  We are all very conscious of our groundwater resource for this one well and use it wisely.  As it is a finite resource water meters would not be feasible.  If one was paying for water usage on a water meter and could well afford to use as much as was felt wanted, they could run the rest of us dry.

p.s.  Already on Galiano, people’s individual wells are running dry and yesterday I saw an off-island water container truck heading back to the ferry dock.


These 2 letters go together and are from the same person.

July 15, 2015

Dear Premier Clark:

Fortis customers are being denied the right to keep existing analog electric meters, despite documented health, safety, fire, security and privacy risks, and despite the fact BC Hydro customers are allowed to keep analog meters (albeit at unconscionable and punitive additional cost.)

I am legally blind, 60 years old and currently physically disabled.  I live on a rural farm several miles from the nearest fire station, with private well and no running water anywhere near.

The Itron meters Fortis is installing have been determined to be defective and a fire hazard in a recent Texas decision, answer brief regarding which attached.

These meters have thinner metal blades than the analog meters for which meter bases were designed, and the distance between metal prongs is wider than in analog meters.  This frequently results in arcing, followed by fires.  The Texas brief also refers to the dangers of lithium batteries in smart meters, and the likelihood of overheating.  The brief refers to testimony about 2 palettes of these meters that spontaneously combusted.  The  brief also categorizes numerous workplace hazards and unsafe work conditions for meter installers.

The public utility in the “Texas case tried to argue it was unaware of the defects in materials and manufacturing of these meters, and unaware of the high incidence of malfunctioning meters.  Fortis cannot make such a claim of ignorance, and neither can you in your official capacity.

On July 14, 2015 I received a call from FortisBC employee Mark Walton at 250 368-0353.  His tone was bullying and intimidating.  He actually accused me of “harming other people” by not accepting a smart meter.  He refused to answer questions; repeatedly interrupted me and gave me false and misleading information about the lack of independent safety certifications.

After telling me there had been “no problems for decades” with smart meters installed on existing meter bases, he then went on to dismiss the court-ordered removal of 105,000 smart meters in Saskatchewan as merely because “6 or 7 houses had problems with their meter bases.”

It is unacceptable for a public utility not only to force residents to accept defective and dangerous technology, but also to have its employees badgering, intimidating, harassing and giving false information to customers.

If my power is cut off, I will have neither power nor water.  If there is a fire on my property, there is a substantial likelihood that I will be unable to escape from my house or even be able to find the long driveway out to the remote country road that has no street lights.  This is not only a health hazard, but a life and death situation.

Even if health and fire risks did not exist, relocating the 2 meters on my property away from the house would be prohibitively expensive: estimated at between $6,000 to $10,000 for both meters.  That is a prohibitively expensive proposition for me, and would be for most people.

There is no justification for B.C. purchasing 1.9 million smart meters after Saskatchewan ordered 105,000 smart meters removed.  Fortis has not responded to my registered letters.  Area D Representative Roly Russell has not responded to phone calls or emails for over 7 weeks, and does not respond to other constituents.

Forced acceptance of smart meters is a human rights violation, as well as violation of Charter, statutory and common law rights.  Please immediately  instruct the B.C. Utilities Commission that Fortis customers are entitled to keep their analog meters, at a reasonable cost, and further advise Fortis to immediately desist threatening and aggressive behavior towards customers.

Yours truly,



Second trespass by Corix July 16, 2015

*  At about 9:05 a.m., walking down driveway with dog and walker.  I had been outside relieving him for 5 or more minutes before, and had no idea anyone on property.  When walking down driveway with dog and walker, heard male voice from behind.

I said, who is that?  *  identified himself as Eric from Corix.  I said what are you doing here?  You are trespassing.  I have told Corix and Fortis reputedly there is work order to address those meters, and Corix is trespassing.  Please leave immediately.  I explained I am legally blind and it is scary to have strange man on my property.  He had made no attempt to come to door.

*  Eric apologized and claimed to be looking for ##1, saying his GPS kept bringing him here.  I said he could read sign saying  ##2, and that was no excuse.  I said you saw the no trespassing signs.  I said “J” was neighbor, and had already had meters installed.

*  I told him I had filed complaint with Premier Clark and others about Corix and Fortis, and told him to tell his employers not to come back.  He said he would tell them.


*  250 368 0608:  PC to Fortis, Connie (not in customer service).  Explained situation; very upset.  She asked if a supervisor had called me back artier.  I said yes, Mark Walton had called back, accused me of harming other people by not accepting a smart meter.  I told her I had filed a complaint with Premier about this remark.

She said she would have supervisor call me back, and was kind and courteous.


*  PC to GF RCMP.  442-2822.  Transferred to female #48, who took my complaint of harassment against Fortis and Corix, and said she would have RCMP call me back.


about 10:00 a.m., police officer named Angie came and met me outside front door.  She was sympathetic and kind.  She said she would follow through and notify Fortis there is work order and not to come on property.  She said if they come on again, to call 911.  That is best thing to do.




From: XX

To: Adrian Dix ; John Horgan MLA ; Spencer Chandra Herbert

Cc: office@greenparty.bc.ca

Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 3:19 PM

Subject: Guess who’s the talk of BC?

… there is more power in the people then there is people in power!!

Let’s see which one of you REALLY cares about the BC tax payers…

Attention BC Green Party and the BC NDP:

On Monday, July 6, 2015 at about 11:20am, a BC Hydro van pulled into my driveway.  When I went outside to see if I could help this guy, he said “I have a new meter for you.”

So, I asked “Is it a smart meter?” He said “No, it’s an analogue meter”.  OH my gosh, I had tears of relief in my eyes. In fact I shook his hand and thanked him!!

So, after going inside my home to retrieve the keys to unlock the 3 locks protecting my (non smart) 11.5 year old digital meter that was installed on our home shortly before we moved in March 2004, the gentleman removed it and replaced it with a Westinghouse analogue meter.

Since that day… NO word of a lie, Mr Dix… and I would be happy to swear on the bible and my mother’s memorial plaque (lost her when I was 18 to cancer) that I no longer suffer from the daily headaches (always by 5:30pm) I used to suffer from, NO more insomnia and my head feels clear.. I sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed!


But, I didn’t think it was because of the meter exchange because how can my old digital non smart meter be affecting my health this way? I know it’s the ONLY thing that has changed or come into my life since… so I asked the Citizens for Safe Technology how this could be because my old digital wasn’t a smart meter and didn’t emit that radiation?

I now KNOW by my own experience that digital meters emit “dirty electricity” into the wiring systems inside the walls of the homes they are on and that’s why I was having difficulty sleeping and staying asleep and that’s what was giving me those headaches every day and I have not had one since! This PROVES to ME and my family beyond a reasonable doubt that these meters make people sick while the radiation wreaks havoc on human DNA!!

There is NO place on anybody’s home or business for these deadly, dangerous, health-destroying, dirty electricity and dirty radiation emitting pieces of JUNK!!!

Adrian Dix and John Horgan, here’s what’s REALLY been going on behind BC Hydro, Bill Bennett and Christy Clarke’s backs… because they REFUSE to reply, acknowledge, reply, or answer any of the countless emails that fill their offices with links, information and MORE than enough proof of their lies and deceit…

I await your response reply and new plan…. and will continue on with my mission… because eventually SOMEONE will listen!



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble


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