2015-07-20 Utilities and computer companies eying the smart meters on our homes!!


  • Utilities and companies are looking to “utilize” spare time and turn smeters into supercomputers. This would increase the level of RF to which we’re exposed, and turn a device on our homes into more of a commercial enterprise – without our knowledge, permission or compensation.  Could this be legal?


Hive Computing, a start-up company, has an idea that meshes smart meters and computing.  Eric Frazier, Co-Founder of Hive, has noticed that utility smart meters sit idle over 95% of the time and have the computing capability of a cellphone.”



Hive says it will be the cheapest supercomputer in the world. We’ve already bought and paid for it, and it’s always on!! What a deal for industry.





  • In Illinois one utility is using children to sell the concept that analogs are dumb and that they want a $$meter.  Brain washing? Using children to “sell” their parents? If these things are so good, why do they have to stoop to this? Please take a look at the 2 min. video.



  • In Maine, after some time, the $$meters have not shown any benefits as promised and resistance is growing.


“But the company has fallen behind in making other improvements in its system that would enable homeowners and business customers to realize more savings from the devices And the new meters are still the subject of a lawsuit from critics over their impact on public health.”


“The abilities of smart meters have been eclipsed in media coverage by allegations that the wireless technology enabling their communication contributes to health and safety problems. Those charges have been refuted by CMP, Maine’s public health department and the commission. But official assurances have failed to appease a small, tenacious citizen group, which in May filed a second appeal of the PUC’s approval to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.”




  • There have been many examples of major institutions that have been hacked, and it is hard to believe that Hydro and Fortis can guarantee that our data will be safe, certainly not without spending a lot of our money with new security measures.




Data breaches have become so frequent, CNNMoney created a tool to see what hackers know about you. — leads to (experiment with it and see what stuff it shows




Newsletter prepared by
Sharon Noble

Centron Smart Meter Fire

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