2015-07-11 Report on conflicts of interest in agency setting RF standards.


  • Health Canada follows the lead of ICNIRP in setting exposure guidelines, e.g Safety Code 6.   For many years independent scientists have questioned why because ICNIRP is closely aligned with the industry and military. Here is proof of major conflicts of interests in a recent report:



 “This paper has been prepared in order to demonstrate the existence of numerous conflicts of interest among the members of the international organization ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection), that despite its private nature, is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as reference entity to set limits of exposure for people of non-ionizing radiation in order to prevent such radiation affect your health.

The fact that the members of the organization engage in various conflicts of interest, being related to companies interested in the development of telecommunications and new technologies, undermines the impartiality that should govern the regulation of limits on non-ionizing radiation people.

 It’s incomprehensible that an international organization such as WHO, which has numerous and qualified public resources to establish adequately these limits, has delegated to a private organization issues affecting public health of all humanity.

The information contained in the work presented below was obtained from searches of reliable publicly available sources on the Internet, which can be checked by anyone who has an interest in this topic.

It would be very interesting by any natural or legal person interested in this topic assumes as its own this report (AVAATE authorized fully to do so) and send it to the authorities of the United Nations, of the International Labor Organization and of the World Health Organization.”

 See the full report in Spanish and English in this linkhttp://www.avaate.org/spip.php?article2624


  • It often happens first in California – analog stolen!  Any email from a CA resister:

 Sometime in the early hours of this morning, my neighbor had her analog meter stolen right off her house.  She and her husband woke up this morning with no power.  Her husband went outside to check the meter and found an empty spot where the meter used to be.

She called PG&E and they came out right away and, of course, installed a Smart Meter.   She said she could see the PG&E worker sitting in his truck laughing — although can’t be sure about what.  My money is on vandals, but can’t be sure it wasn’t PG&E.

If you haven’t yet locked your meter up, you may want to revisit that option.



  • In Victoria someone is starting a petition to force removal of transmitters on a low rise apt. building. We all know that the policies at Ind. Can. allow this, and it is difficult to get them removed as things stand now, but this petition could raise awareness of the issue as well as encourage Victoria to implement an antenna siting consultation policy, which every community should have. Things are changing, with more authority being given to local governments but only IF they have policies in place. And things can be expected to change more when the Supreme Court supports the Chateauguay, Quebec action against Rogers. Please consider signing this petition, and sharing.


I’ve started a petition on Change.org to remove the newly erected towers over my head and to ban cell towers from low-rise buildings with a large potential for damage.

If you would consider signing it and passing it around to other people, that would be really wonderful.  I’d also appreciate all comments of course.



  • Please see the update from 2015-07-10 (last night’s) in which I provided info about the Neptune water smeter and the problems with them in Florida. I have been told by a member that Neptune water smart meters are being installed in Lake Country. I believe they are in use already in some areas. These have been measured and emitted strong RF signals every 15 seconds. I don’t know what options are being offered. If you have them in your area and know if they are optional, mandatory, can be moved, etc. please let me know. Send me an email to director@stopsmartmetersbc.com with “water smeter” on the subject line. These certainly do not belong inside the home, and preferably should be moved as far from the home as possible.


Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

 “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”      Czeslaw Milosz


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