2015-07-17 30% increase in brain tumours in one year!


  • National brain tumour registry being created because no one in Canada is tracking brain tumours. In Calgary, they found a 30% increase in one year!  In Europe, where they’ve had data on specific cancers for decades, an increase was noted already. We don’t have that data base so it will be hard to correlate cause to cell phone use, for example.

“We don’t understand why there is this rapid increase, but it is scary,” said Dr. Jacob Easaw, associate professor in the Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute at the University of Calgary.

Doctors crunched the numbers and found a 30 per cent spike between 2012 and 2013, he says.



  • Resistance to $$meters is building in Illinois.



  • Non-smeter. A group is asking for our help in rejecting a Roger’s plan for a cell tower in a residential neighbourhood in Gibson. Please sign and share.



  • A major environmental group (2 million members) has joined with Berkeley, California in support of the “right to know” legislation regarding cell phones. This legislation could be a precedent that we could use to force companies to provide information about wireless devices, including $$meters and Wi-Fi.

 “Part of NRDC’s mission is to protect public health by minimizing human exposure to harmful substances. Regulations like Berkeley’s radiofrequency exposure right-to-know ordinance are important to advancing that goal: after all, an individual cannot choose whether to minimize her exposure if she does not know that it is occurring”



  • One of the largest teachers’ unions  in the world has  warnings about wireless radiation  on its website. I have not found any warnings regarding Wi-Fi in schools, but I would think they would have major concerns about this.




Re. Water Meters in Kelowna, from a member:

 See: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/MeterDisplayPanel.pdf

for water meters installed in the North Westside Road area of Kelowna.  Neptune put water meters in.  I think they are smart water meters.  I know I have a pit meter at the road and everyone in my subdivision at Valley of the Sun has a pit meter that RDCO reads from their vehicle I believe.  RDCO said they were having trouble accessing properties to put smart water meters in existing water system homes, so when our new community water system was built, RDCO required us to pay for our own pit water meters at almost $500 per meter and RDCO had them installed outside underground before we could hook up to the new community water system that we never had before… I hauled my water for 10 years.  Some people had wells but most hauled their water.


These are indeed “smart” meters, but only communicate one way. Many Neptune meters emit strong signals every 13 seconds or so.

Newsletter prepared by Sharon

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