2015-07-22 Cars with internet connections can be hacked.


  • In India the courts are banning the state and telecoms from installing cell towers in parks, playgrounds, school yards, etc. citing health concerns. It’s something when other countries have more stringent rules and guidelines than we do. India’s allowed exposure guideline is also much stricter – about 1/100 of Safety Code 6.





  • Hackers are able to control cars, which could potentially be a great way to handle whistle blowers or people who are endangering your “bottom line”.





  • One of our members is gathering information about negative experiences with BC Hydro, Fortis, and or Corix, to keep as documentation of the problems that have occurred. This could be fires, overheated meters, damaged appliances, intimidation, increased bills, problems with insurance – anything that you believe should be documented. We need to have a record of what has happened in this province – it could be handy in the future. You can request anonymity if you wish. Please send as much detailed info as possible to kbsirius@gmail.com



  • I don’t mean to be advertising myself, but I think this youtube is one that people should see. Shaw in Victoria has a “Citizens’ Forum” and I suspect that perhaps Shaw in other communities has the same offering – to address topics of local interest that the main outlets aren’t showing. If any of you find that Shaw in your area is interested in showing this, Jack Etkin would be happy to help facilitate. His email is jetkin@hotmail.com  This is one method we can use to get the word out to people who have dangerous fire hazards on their home and don’t know it.




There are other videos that have shown on Shaw that might be of interest, too.







A member sent the following to the local municipal council expressing concerns about the Neptune RF (900i) wireless water meter:


House of Commons Document:

Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and Health of Canadians (JUNE 2015)

Report of the Standing Committee on Health

41st Parliament, Second Session



Quotes from the report:




That the Government of Canada continue to provide reasonable accommodations for environmental sensitivities, including electromagnetic hypersensitivity, as required under the Canadian Human Rights Act.”  (Page15)


“The Committee agrees that children in schools should be protected from unnecessary exposure to wireless technology, particularly when alternative technologies exist.”  (Page 18)



That the Government of Canada develop an awareness campaign relating to the safe use of wireless technologies, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi, in key environments such as the school and home to ensure that Canadian families and children are reducing risks related to radiofrequency exposure.”  (Page 18)



That the Government of Canada, through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, consider funding research into the link between radiofrequency fields and potential health effects such as cancer, genetic damage, infertility, impairment to development and behaviour, harmful effects to eyes and on the brain, cardiovascular, biological and biochemical effects.”  (Page 21)


“The Committee agrees that the potential risks of exposure to RF fields are a serious public health issue that needs to be brought to the attention of Canadians so that they have the knowledge to use wireless devices responsibly and are able to make decisions about the use of wireless devices in a manner that protects their health and the health of their families.”   (Page 22)



That the Government of Canada and manufacturers consider policy measures regarding the marketing of radiation emitting devices to children under the age of 14, in order to ensure they are aware of the health risks and how they can be avoided.”  (Page 24)




Step by Step Proposal for Addressing RF Concerns:

① Check federal safety guidelines regarding required distance from the human population for the RF water meters. (FCC guidelines are 20cm.)

② Publish the distance requirement in a newsletter with Utility Bills, and invite residents who have any questions about it to contact the city.

③ Remove any RF water meters that are not in compliance. (Ex. in a child’s bedroom.)

④ Remove RF water meters from any homes where residents have voiced health concerns.



Newsletter prepared by
Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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