2015-07-18 Video with health effects of smeters


  • A very interesting video by Dr. Klinghardt. He speaks specifically about how bad the smeters are and why they are more dangerous than other wireless devices at the 24 min. mark.



  • This past week I did another interview on Shaw TV that shows locally on Vancouver Island. It will be available via youtube soon. I don’t mean to advertise but we must take very advantage to spread the word because The mainstream media is refusing to allow us to voice our concerns.  I tried to explain the justification for a recall of the ITRON meters because they are defective. This is a topic I think we should be pushing with friends, relatives (especially to those with smeters) and with politicians (especially with the NDP).  I don’t see how they can refuse to see the danger and the logic of having a major recall.  Here is the schedule

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Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

 “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.


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