2015-07-10 New study confirms DNA damage from very low levels of RF


  • A new study confirms harm caused by very low levels of RF radiation.  It was found that out of 100 studies on this topic 93 showed harmful effects. How many more are needed before Health Canada and provincial medical authorities like Perry Kendall acknowledge science?

 “In turn, a broad biological potential of ROS and other free radicals, including both their mutagenic effects and their signaling regulatory potential, makes RFR a potentially hazardous factor for human health. We suggest minimizing the intensity and time of RFR exposures, and taking a precautionary approach towards wireless technologies in everyday human life.”




  • Many communities already have stupid water meters, and most that I’ve heard of are made by Neptune. These can emit high levels of RF, all day, or often during the day, even though the meter is the type that sends a signal to a computer in a car driving by the home once every 2 months. Absolutely unnecessary exposures.



  • From a member.—would be good to tweet Health Canada. Of course Health Canada will never respond but others will see your questions, comments and maybe begin to ask their own.  We need to use social media because the mainstream media is working against us.


Health Canada has a Twitter feed, and every few days since the end of > June, we’ve been sending them the following message (via Twitter):

@HealthCanada unable or unwilling to answer: Is WIFI safe for children  & pregnant women? Is there ANY evidence that it is safe?



  • Something else from a member. Not smeter-related but an example of how corporations are freed of responsibility when they follow the regulations set by an irresponsible, corporate-friendly government.    We the taxpayers will be left to pay for all the health problems associated with wireless devices, while the corporations take the profit. The property owners who get a few $1000 a year can be sued by individuals who become ill, while the corporations are indemnified because they followed Safety Code 6, which the government knew to be inadequate. So when Kendall says wifi in school is fine because it follows SC 6, you should ask, fine for whom? For him, for others close to him who might be affiliated with industry? Not for us.

 Yes, this IS the new world order… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie5V-K70JUk&feature=em-share_video_user

Contamination Nation: Toxic threat underneath old gold mine

Buried underneath an old gold mine in Yellowknife, there’s a toxic threat – a chemical by-product of…

5)   2 very interesting youtubes sent in by a member. The first is an interview with Dr. Martin Blank after the Appeal to the United Nations signed by more than 205 researchers asking for a precautionary approach to RF radiation.  The second is with Cindy Sage, who participated in organizing and coordinating both BioInitiative Reports.

Dr. Martin Blank


On BioInitiative report  with Cindy Sage





From: “Jasper, Jeffery – OSEC” <Jeffery.Jasper@osec.usda.gov>


Date: July 8, 2015 at 11:52:39 AM PDT

To: XX

Good Afternoon XX

We would like to thank you for your email.  We understand that this matter is of great concern to you and the other residents near the Olympic Peninsula and ask for your understanding and patience, while we seek to provide a sufficient resolution.

Again, thank you for message and have a great day.

Very Respectfully,
Jeffrey Jasper
Administrative Assistant
Natural Resources and Environment
(202) 720-7173

—–Original Message—–
From: XX
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 8:59 PM
To: Jasper, Jeffery – OSEC
Cc: sweetwater@olypen.com

Dear Mr. Bonnie,

I think that sometimes the powers that be fail to understand that the land belongs to the people, people to whom they need to apply for permission to use for any purpose other than conservation or preservation of the status quo.

The Olympic Peninsula belongs to all of us, the people.  You need permission.  Please do adhere to the niceties thereof.

Email from a member:  BC Hydro Comedy (of errors).  I have asked him to confirm that his smart meter is actually working. Many aren’t.
From: X

Sent: July 9, 2015 2:11 PM

To: Sharon Noble

Subject: BC Hydro comedy

Hi Sharon,

Ah, the ongoing comedy routine that is BC Hydro. So, I have to pass on my latest fun with our favourite,  cluster-f**k,  crown-corporation. 😉
As you know, we had some solar panels & an inverter added this winter, which supposedly required a smart meter in order to be registered with the ‘Net Metering’ program. We gave in (and moved our meter to a pole in the yard).
Now, I have received only one post-solar-install bill so far, and it wasn’t quite what I’d expected in terms of our consumption vs.
generation, but admittedly it was a small-enough sample (1 month) such that I wasn’t entirely worried as to whether there may be a question of accuracy on this smart meter or not, so I’ve vowed-to-self to keep on top of it. To that end, I noticed on my online Hydro account that one of the supposed ‘perks’ of having a smart meter is daily and even hourly consumption monitoring. Sounds cool, since that seems like a good way to check what the meter says versus what my inverter tells me we’re generating for specific periods and then make allowances for usage (historic) around the house, etc… Basically, we’re looking for a way to track this stuff in the  event that we’re getting screwed out of some of the power we’re generating for this ‘Net Metering’ stuff.

Anyway, the website says I have to call to turn on this online ‘instant’
consumption data, so I did. The lady I talked to clearly understood the
request, but said it had to go through Hydro’s ‘smart Meter’ people (not sure why they need to be so specialized, but whatever). She tries to connect me, but turns out they’re too busy, so she leaves them the details and tells me they’ll call me back.

The next day (today), I come home to a message on my answering machine from one of the fine representatives in their ‘smart meter’ department describing how I’m ineligible for the radio-off meter and that’s why I’m not being charged the legacy fee anymore and that if I had any questions to call their department back (?!). Boy did that communication get mixed up. It’s a good thing I wasn’t looking to get my smart meter converted to radio-off! grrrr.

So, I try to call back and I get the old, “heavier than usual call volume”,
and it plays music for a few minutes before a message comes on that
in essence tells me that the call volume is so incredibly voluminous that I have leave a message and that they’ll just call me back. Instead, I hung up, and for a moment my paranoid side whispered, “they’re ignoring you because you’ve pestered them so much about this smart meter in the past”. Nah.

However, I  decided to test my theory. I dialed *67 (which blocks caller-ID, because Hydro always knows my number when I call) and dialed the same ‘smart meter specialist’ line, and they answered within 30 seconds. Hmmmm…  Almost done. So, I calmly explain that I think they’re confused and that all I’m looking for is to take advantage of the sole ‘feature’ (from a customer standpoint) of this smart meter, which is that I want the daily/hourly consumption displayed when I log in to my account. I mention that I think
whomever called me previously misunderstood, since I never asked for a radio-off meter. Well, after a few minutes of looking around on his computer, the specialist tells me that there’s some firmware/software issue on my meter that has to be upgraded before the instant consumption can be reported and that it’ll probably be several months before they get around to this (though he couldn’t commit to any specific time whatsoever). Well, okay, no breath-holding here. My paranoid side ramps up again thinking, “that’ll be just in time for winter when I’m not generating much solar power, how convenient for them”. Ugh…

Anyway, thought you might get a kick out of this (and pass on the valuable information what whenever you call Hydro, always block your phone #, because methinks they keep a list of us troublemakers!) who knows how this will play out next. I sure am looking forward to Tesla’s battery-packs, let me tell you! 😉



Sharon Noble

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”  Thomas Jefferson.

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