2015-07-19 Insurance adjuster unable to examine smart meters


  • I have been communicating with an insurance adjuster in the US who had reported that he had seen many smart meter fires. When I told him that insurers in BC are refusing to share insurance reports with victims, while increasing premiums and, I suspect, recovering paid claims from BC Hydro and/or ITRON, he said this:

 “The smart meter fire situation is only getting worse in the states I handle claims in. In one week I received two fire losses, both associated with smart meters that caught fire.  In both situations, the meters were removed by the utility companies and have not been made available for examination to determine the cause of the loss.

 I am coming to the conclusion that the utility companies which remove the meters are, in effect, acting to protect not only themselves from improper installation of the meters, but also the manufacturers from product defect litigation.

 If this is true, it’s collusion. I believe it is unconscionable, perhaps illegal, for the insurance company to increase premiums when the cause of the fire was not the fault of the homeowner but, rather, was caused by a defective meter. In these situations, the victim loses twice – first belongings that cannot be replaced and lives put at risk, and then with higher premiums.


  • Please sign and share this important petition asking for Health Canada to recognize EHS as a disability. They have ignored this for too long.



  • Last week,  an ad was placed by Corix  for a water meter installer in Kelowna.

 Corix Utilities has immediate career opportunities for a contract full time Meter Technician to carry out water meter installations in at least 400 homes over the coming months in various locations in Kelowna . We will be directly invoicing customers as we complete these installs. Work will continue into November.




  • In  Johannesburg, the utility company will use $$meters  to shut off power  if the customer is using too much, even if he can pay for it!! That is what the remote disconnect switch (one of the major fire hazards) is for.

 “Households that have an excessive consumption would experience repetitive disconnections at five minute intervals for a period of 30 seconds until they have reduced their consumption to required levels,” said City Power.

“Should they fail to abide by instructions to reduce consumption, non-compliant residents will be disconnected remotely via smart meters.”



  • In California, utility companies cannot charge on an ongoing basis for opting out, and customers are allowed to keep their analogs. Why is it that BC Hydro and FortisBC say there are no analogs available when larger companies in the USA are managing??



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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