2015-07-01 A warning from doctors re. RF and fetuses and babies.

  • More than 100 doctors have signed a statement advising caution regarding exposing fetuses and babies to wireless radiation. Please consider sharing this with your doctors, most of whom know little, if anything, about RF radiation because, until recently, this was not taught in medical school. Please help educate them and your families.



  • Good news from a member in North Vancouver near Fraser Hwy  who had an expired meter exchanged. The new installers, many of whom were brought out of retirement, have heard the message. What a difference from the Corix hired hands who were instructed to ignore our wishes and our property rights.

 A quick note to tell you that today a most pleasant fellow knocked on the door, analogue in hand. No appointment.  He had been instructed to replace and would just have done so if we were not home. There would have been no paper left to let us know the replacement, as per my request, had taken place. He turned off the power for just a moment and the whole process took but moments.


  • Many of us have written to the Vancouver Island Health Authorities who are considering installing Wi-Fi in hospitals and other long-term care facilities to allow visitors the convenience. The response is on the website, written obviously by someone with no knowledge of the health risks, accepting Health Canada’s assurance that there is no harm, and “Dr.” Kendall’s opinion that there is no evidence. This person needs to realize that Health Canada cannot have said Wi-Fi is safe because the HESA review did not say this. And if the provincial health authority said there is no evidence, then let’s send some. I’m sure she’s under pressure to just accept Kendall’s word and probably has done no investigation on her own.
  • belter@viha.ca  The article above, the UN petition, etc – lots to send her.



  • In Sweden, a sharp increase in brain tumors with unclear diagnosis. In years past, because the records were so well kept with so much detail, Swedish researchers have been able to track increases as they relate to increases in Wi-Fi.      In Canada, we have never had that level of detailed record so there is no base for comparison. But now in Sweden, things seem to be deteriorating.






Sent: July 1, 2015
To: bcauditor@bcauditor.com
Subject: smart meters


I’ve written before about the business case and lack of oversight for B.C. Hydro’s smart meter program. If you ever do investigate this billion dollar waste of tax payers money you may find these excerpts from a report from  The Electrical Power Research Institute of interest. The full report is available below :

 “The impetus that finally drove the transition to solid state metering was not cost reduction, nor improvements in service life or reliability, but the need for more advanced functionality.”  “New meters may enable new rate structures such as time-of-use or critical peak pricing.”

Electromechanical meters (analog) had no digital circuitry.  They utilized spark-gaps to control the location of arc-over and to dissipate the energy of typical voltage events.  As a result, they were generally immune to standard surge events”  that caused fires like those that happened in Summerland, BC,  Stockton, Calif. or Forest, Ontario.


Thanks for any energy you can put into investigating this abuse of political power to push through a program that was removed from oversight by the BCUC, the body that was formed to protect



From: Sharon Noble
Sent: July 1, 2015
Subject: wifi in hospitals

Dear Ms. Belter,

I read your statement on the VIHA website in which you state that Health Canada has said that wifi is safe. Could you please provide me with a copy to that statement? For a long time Dr. Kendall has been stating that in his opinion there is no evidence of harm, but when I ask for the studies that he has reviewed to reach this opinion, he has not been willing to share it.

The reason I ask is that after a recent review of Health Canada’s guideline for exposure the Parliamentary Committee (HESA) acknowledged that there is reason for concern. You can read the report at

http://www.c4st.org/HESARecommendations  On page 22 it is stated:

“The Committee agrees that the potential risks of exposure to RF fields are a serious public health issue that needs to be brought to the attention of Canadians so that they may have the knowledge to use wireless devices responsibly and are able to make decisions about the use of wireless devices in a manner that protects their health and the health of their families.”


You also state that the levels of RF exposure would be far below Industry Canada’s allowable limits. Are you aware the standards do not apply to hospitals or to people in them? In fact, the guideline (Safety Code 6) says it applies only to workers at and visitors to federally regulated sites, like cell towers.


Further, the exposure limits allowed by SC 6 are among the highest in the world. Many researchers have called it inadequate, shamefully weak, and not protective of the public from non-thermal radiation like that from wireless devices.


Did Dr. Kendall or Health Canada tell you that in 2011 the International Agency on Research for Cancer declared RF radiation to be a 2b (possible) human carcinogen, the same classification as lead, DDT and HIV? This classification means it is not safe and there is reason for caution.


Ms. Belter, I am sure you and your colleagues would not want to put your patients’ health at risk. Hundreds of independent experts warn that RF radiation can be extremely harmful to vulnerable people such as babies, pregnant women, and those with impaired immune systems. I hope you will consider the scientific evidence, not opinions, before introducing more microwave radiation into places where those most vulnerable will be spending significant time.

Should you have any questions about anything I’ve said or would like more information, please ask. There have been 1000s of studies that I would be happy to share.

Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC

Newsletter prepared by Sharon

 Power of the People is stronger than the People in Power

Bret Bocook - pic2

See detail on Bret Bocook’s Brain Cancer HERE

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