2015-07-23 More hacking! Soon we will hear about Smart meter hacking

  • Another example of hacking – this time a wireless baby monitor. Why is the monitor wireless? Why is it connected to the internet? Our smeters will be connected to the internet as will all of our appliances once they are “smart” and connected via the smeter’s zigbee chip.



  • More on hackable cars – from a member:


2014 Jeep Cherokee


 2012 Toyota Prius


 2013 Honda Civic


 2006 Chrysler Grand Caravan



  • Josh Hart, a long-time $$meter resister, lives in California and has won a battle with the utility company. An interesting story, a real David and Goliath one. Our situation is different here in BC, but I believe there are ways that we too can beat Goliath.



  • Info on solar panels. Interesting that the best panel, which seems to be much cheaper, is no longer being made. Kind of like the electric car of the 1990s – just too good for the establishment.

“Amorphous panels can be made for much less than crystalline panels and it seems the industry is set up for self-sabotage because they seem to want to do whatever it takes to make sure these amorphous panels stay high at ridiculous prices and/or are impossible to get. Perhaps they’re protecting their infrastructure that is setup for crystalline panels, which are an inferior technology.”






 Power of the People is stronger than the People in Power

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