Newsletters 2015-05 MAY

2015-05-01 – Hydro Quebec admits to more than a dozen smart meter fires, hiding  smart meters

2015-05-02 – Hydro refuses to answer questions re. costs, spent and future.

2015-05-03  – Cell phone patent with admission of harm

 2015-05-04 – Calif. court decision rules opt out fee discriminatory

2015-05-05 – Hydro sending out intimidating, threatening letters

2015-05-06 – More concerns re. attack on the grid – LETTER RE OLYMPIC PENINSULA WAR GAMES

2015-05-07  – Canadian Medical Assoc. — Health Canada is not doing its job

2015-05-08 –  Ombudsperson wants to receive complaints re.Hydro’s letter

2015-05-09 – Brain tumours not tracked by med. system

 2015-05-10 – Precautionary advice re. RF and EMF

2015-05-11 – Major petition to the UN calling for action

2015-05-12  – Berkeley passes cellphone right-to-know!!

 2015-05-13 -FortisBC is harassing people who refuse to take smeters by shutting off power

 2015-05-14  – Hydro charging extortion after smart meter installed, not crediting solar generation!

 2015-05-15 – In Quebec’s Hydro worried about smart meters blowing up if too close to a propane tank

2015-05-16 – Smart meters in rural areas will continue to be read manually

2015-05-17 – Vancouver Sun censoring wifi information

 2015-05-18 – CTV carrying news re. Berkeley’s right to know resolution. Word is getting around.

 2015-05-19 – Federal govt is muzzling scientists. They don’t want us to know…

 2015-05-20 – No reports at Hydro on failed, melted, burned meters

2015-05-21 – 100 smart meters explode in California

2015-05-22 – RDOS moratorium, asking cessation of smart meter program

2015-05-23 – Where are collectors? Hydro refuses to say.

2015-05-24  – Photos of collectors

2015-05-25 – Ontario Govt. removes all oversight of Hydro One

2015-05-26 – Report by Ontario Ombudsman highlights Hydro’s failure

 2015-05-27 – FortisBC responds re. RDOS moratorium with same old-same old, plus Corix in south Okanagan

2015-05-28 – Govt. hiding information from public said to be systemic

2015-05-29  – More on the government’s hiding of information

2015-05-30 – “$$smart meters are not $mart.

2015-05-31 – More on the RF wargames planned by US Navy

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