2015-05-08 Ombudsperson wants to receive complaints re. Hydro’s letter



From a member:


The Office of the Ombudsperson has asked that any individual who has received the latest BC Hydro letter to please contact them in order to lodge a complaint. They can be contacted at:

  By phone: 1800 567-3247 (toll free), if living in the Victoria area please call 250 387-5855

  In person at their Victoria address, by mail to their Victoria address or by fax. Their office hours are M-F, 0830 – 4:30pm

  On-line, using the on-line complaint form at www.bcombudsperson.ca   “How To Make A Complaint”.


Please, if you received the letter, even if you have been assured that you will get an appointment, etc., contact the Ombudsperson. This letter was unnecessarily threatening, and many people were upset, bewildered and even scared. Many who had never had an obstruction over their meter received this. There was no explanation for the letter, no indication of the purpose for the exchange in meters, nothing. BC Hydro has intimidated and harassed its customers far too often, but this, I think, went overboard. The more people who complain the greater the chance that the Ombudsperson will ensure this doesn’t happen again.




  • From the UK, an excellent question – who really benefits from $$meters? Not the consumer.


The real benefit of smart metering is for suppliers. Instead of tracking consumption periodically (with unreliable periodic manual readings) they can get almost real-time readings that can help them better plan supply distribution. This is a good thing, but the question is whether consumers should be forced to pay for the installation for a device that benefits the supplier rather than themselves.


Just so you know, the cost per meter (53million meters costing 11.7billion UK pounds($21,927,199,758Can)= $413.72 compared with meters in BC costing $555. Ours are the most expensive I’ve found anywhere!!


  • Below is a letter Jerry Flynn sent (along with the article from the Can. Med. Assoc. Journal sent in update 2015-05-07) to some mayors. Please consider forwarding it or a letter of your own to your mayor and council members. The UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) will be meeting Sept. 21-25 in Vancouver. They will be setting their agendas soon, so please communicate with them as soon as possible.



  • Many of us have expressed concerns about Bill C-51 as it could be applied to our efforts to advocate against a law, etc. The Bill has been passed by the Federal government but groups are already planning on a constitutional challenge.





  • A member told me that the great DVD re. cell transmitters, “Full Signal”.  is available in Vancouver library. I checked and it is also available in Victoria as is “Take Back Your Power”.  If any of you have copies that you are no longer using, please consider donating them to your local library so others might be able to see them.



  • Below Una St. Clair speaks of a tragedy that possibly could have been caused by EHS. Perhaps both the daughter and the father were suffering from exposure to RF radiation. Attached is a list of symptoms associated with EHS. Consider printing it off and making some copies to give friends and perhaps your doctor. Unfortunately doctors are behind the curve on EHS because until recently this was not taught in medical school. Neither were doctors taught about the many health problems associated with RF exposure, but things are changing and will change more with the CMAJ article that was in yesterday’s update.






From: Jerry Flynn [mailto:jerryjgf@shaw.ca]
Sent: May 7, 2015 9:20 PM
To: sav.dhaliwal@burnaby.ca; arichmond@cariboord.bc.ca; murry.krause@cinhs.org; rmartin@csrd.bc.ca; clrjang@vancouver.ca; wbaldwin@whiterockcity.ca; stewartmayor@gmail.com; akaehn@rdffg.bc.ca; rglumac@portmoody.ca; amorse@bimbc.ca; mayor@invermere.net; cpuchmayr@newwestcity.ca; bprice@comox.ca; jimabram@xplornet.ca; oakbaymayor@oakbay.ca; cshuman@dawsoncreek.ca; asingh@kamloops.ca
Cc: scott.fraser.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject:: WEEP News / Canadian Medical Association Journal reports Health Canada’s wireless limits are “A Disaster to Public Health” / Parliament of Canada HESA / The California Medical Association / etc


Surely UBCM has a responsibility to ensure that all of your members are aware of this latest development? It casts a huge pall over all wi-fi installations, cell phones installations, Smart meter installations, etc.

in every community throughout the entire province! No longer can any electric utility or cell phone/wireless company or any municipal government or BCUC hide behind Safety Code 6. See for yourself what Canada’s own medical community has finally said. Surely NOW UBCM will assert itself – for the sake of all British Columbians?


Jerry Flynn


 Migraine Headaches


We can only speculate here, but the pattern of unending migraines caused by EHS fits totally. My daughter taught this young lady, Emily Janzen, at UBC in the opera and dance classes and she had the most beautiful singing voice.

Her father shot her in the head because her migraines wouldn’t stop and nothing helped. He wanted to free her from the pain.

When I unwittingly sat next to wi-fi router, and just the beacon signal permeated the house, I had severe, body and soul destroying migraines every 2nd or 3rd day, with accompanying vomiting and memory loss. And that was ONLY with wi-fi router, when today, the common exposures are multiples of different devices with different frequencies PLUS smart meters.

We have to continue to tell people and medical doctors about the common symptoms of EHS and how just turning off wireless signals should be one of the first actions in attempts to find cause. Eva has been contacted by the media to speak about this young lady as her student, but she is declining as it is such a terrible shock.


I believe there is a higher than average likelihood that health damage from microwave radiation destroyed this family. Please stay aware to family and friends who present the most common symptoms of EHS and find they do not recover, or have continuous health challenges. A handout is attached which can be distributed.


We hold Health Canada responsible for leaving the public without protection from a corrupt telecom industry, in collusion with government at all levels.

Una St.Clair

CSTS Executive Director


View all symptoms of EHS

EHS symptoms_suitable for color printing or onscreen_CST-1



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