2015-05-17 Vancouver Sun censoring wifi information


  • A member found this website for the Green Party where concerns can be expressed, with ideas for policies. The Green Party has been silent on the issue of RF, electrosmog, mandated transmitters being placed on homes, the inadequacy of Health Canada’s policies, etc.  Perhaps if enough of us share our ideas and show that this is a problem for a significant number of British Columbians, the Greens will decide to fill the political void left by the other parties.

    Suggest a Policy – Green Party of BC



  • Martin Pall responds to the review of Safety Code 6 by the Royal Society panel, which has been shown to be comprised of people with long held biases and conflicts of interests, as well as people involved in other fields, e.g. traumatic brain injury.  He provides a lot of interesting insights and information, e.g.


Barrie Trower, a retired military intelligence expert from the United Kingdom, has stated that classified research indicates that different wavelengths vary in their biological activities as well. He reports that the specific details about the biological impacts of variations in pulsed electromagnetic fields are classified by multiple countries because of “national security”. Thus much of what research appears to have been done in this field remains unavailable to decision makers charged with setting standards on such devices that emit pulsed electromagnetic fields.


The entire report can be read at http://citizensforsafetechnology.org/Scientific-evidence-contradicts-findings-and-assumptions-of-Canadian-Safety-Panel-6-Martin-Pall,47,4221



  • From a member, an alternative to Tesla batteries for those considering going off the grid. I have no idea if these are any good, but this indicates that things are developing quickly because there is a market. Many of us want to free ourselves from Hydro and Fortis.


In a newsletter, one letter writer was commenting about waiting for Tesla’s battery pack.

Tesla will only be selling to their US customers first, so it may be a long wait.

There is another alternative, the saltwater storage batteries.


They seem a lot better than lead acid batteries

Here is the difference between their battery and lithium ion

I checked their dealer site and AltE was listed as supplying British Columbia.


I just called them and they don’t a physical store here, but do ship here.



  • The Van. Sun and Montreal Gazette (probably others, too) have removed the UK article re. wifi making kids sick. I was searching for others, and there are major pushes online for this article to be removed in Australia, NZ, etc. The corporate sponsors and advertisers no doubt put pressure on the newspapers to cut this. The industry is scared. How dare the Vancouver Sun hide this news!


Now is the time to copy that article to make sure we have it, and to make it go viral on Facebook, Twitter, where ever. Please get it on every website possible.




  • Cell towers are springing up everywhere and, given that few communities have antenna siting consultation policies, few people are notified and there is no opportunity for public input/consultation.  A member from Port Alberni sent the attached notices for a 300 ft. tower planned by Rogers which will be very close to homes at Sproat Lake on private property and  a 60 meter one that Telus is putting up at the highway entrance to Sproat Lake. The member sending this information and trying to raise awareness can be contacted at info@photomarcus.com   Comments and concerns should be submitted by May 20.






From: X
Sent: May 15, 2015 10:53 PM
To: pheintzman@squamish.ca
Subject: cell phone danger warnings

Hello Mayor Patty,

Maybe Squamish could be the second?  Berkeley was the first already.







From: Jerry Flynn [mailto:jerryjgf@shaw.ca]
Sent: May 16, 2015 4:26 PM
To: sav.dhaliwal@burnaby.ca; arichmond@cariboord.bc.ca; murry.krause@cinhs.org; rmartin@csrd.bc.ca; clrjang@vancouver.ca; wbaldwin@whiterockcity.ca; stewartmayor@gmail.com; akaehn@rdffg.bc.ca; rglumac@portmoody.ca; amorse@bimbc.ca; mayor@invermere.net; cpuchmayr@newwestcity.ca; bprice@comox.ca; jimabram@xplornet.ca; oakbaymayor@oakbay.ca; cshuman@dawsoncreek.ca; asingh@kamloops.ca; oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca; adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca; ‘Duncan McCue’
Cc: premier@gov.bc.ca; JAG.Minister@gov.bc.ca; hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca; ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca; perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca; terry.lake@gov.bc.ca

Subject: B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer is Not Protecting British Columbians and Must Be Replaced!


Dear UBCM President and Executive Members,
Regrettably, my latest letter to Premier Clark has met with the same wall of silence as did my previous letters to her on this subject! My letter didn’t even warrant the courtesy of an acknowledgement of receipt! Even though this is an issue of paramount importance to every person, flora and fauna living in British Columbia, including the premier herself!  Just silence!


Distinguished scientists the world over continue to warn world governments that the biggest single threat to human health in our entire history – ever – is the unchecked “low-level,  pulsed, non-thermal, radio / microwave  frequency radiation” that is emitted by today’s ubiquitous wireless radio devices, such as baby monitors, Smart Meters, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX installations, laptop and tablet computers, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.  All governments must wake up and realize that major insurance companies won’t insure wireless, telecom or utility companies against lawsuits alleging health-related illnesses people attribute to them being constantly exposed to pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency radiation from wireless radio products!


Given the unprecedented scope and gravity of this issue – which informed people know is now a global concern – because the Government of British Columbia is deliberately ignoring the issue, surely it behooves the UBCM to remind all its member municipalities of their duty to act in the best interests of their constituents. In the public health arena, this includes adhering to Bill 23-2008 of the BC Public Health Act, section 83 that states: “(1) a municipality must take action when it learns of something that could be harmful to its residents. It must notify the Minister of Health or take immediate action”. The dangers – and the cause – are clearly spelled-out in my letter to Premier Clark. I am available to answer questions.


Jerry Flynn


90 meter cell tower001

TELUS cell tower003

Click HERE to see cell tower letter




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