2015-05-26 Report by Ontario Ombudsman highlights Hydro’s failure

  • The Ontario Ombudsman has released his report that described the horrors of Hydro One’s billing and customer service. This report has resulted in the premier planning to remove oversight by the Ombudsman, ostensibly so the future sale of 60% of Hydro One would not be hindered. Hydro One’s failures are very similar to many that BC Hydro’s customers have experienced, extraordinarily high bills, multiple bills for the same service period, arrogant and poorly trained service reps, topped by threats of loss of service for failure to cough up the erroneous payments.


http://www.ombudsman.on.ca/Home.aspx The Ombudsman hits the premier’s plan to privatize and “internalize” the ombudsman. It is a statutory offense to mislead or hinder the Ontario Ombudsman. “People could go to jail.”  Is this so in BC as well?





  • From a member:

an acquaintance – a journalist at the Vancouver Sun – Tara Carman – is very much interested in writing an article about the plight of people afflicted by EHS, how they are shunned by the society and the issues that come along with it (kids needed to be home schooled, no respite due to smart meters, the bullying, the economic hardship, etc). She did not figured out exactly what angle she will portray, but she would like to talk to folks that would be willing to be interviewed for the article.

I know for those of you afflicted by EHS this is not easy as you get attacked in comments following the article. But if you can find the courage to do this, I think it would be good, as this ‘human cost’ to the wireless addiction is not often presented in media and needs to be shown.

Her email is tcarman@vancouversun.com. This is a fairly new topic for her, so please be patient with her. You can tell her that Peter, from the Coalition, provided this information.


  • This fire last night in Surrey looks similar to the one in Langford last year where the fire was blamed on a planter. Here, the garbage bin is below the smart meter. Could the smart meter have melted and fallen into the garbage bin starting the fire? Just asking a question that I’m sure no official will ask. After all, this is where Len Garis is fire chief –  he’s the man who said that because there were fewer electrical fires reported this meant that smart meters were safe. Just sayin’ …..



  • In Ontario, starting this fall, the ombudsman’s office will have oversight of schools, universities and hospitals.  The public will be able to lodge complaints and from the past work of this office I bet the public will be able to get help re. wifi.



  • A new study shows that exposure to 900 MHz signals (the same frequency used by smart meters and collectors) before birth can cause serious problems later in rats.

“Exposure to 900 MHz EMF during the prenatal period can cause pathological and biochemical changes that may compromise the development of the male rat thymus and spleen.”





From: XX
Sent: May 25, 2015 7:50 AM
To: scott.macdonald@bchydro.com
Subject: collector locations

May 25

Dear Mr. Macdonald:

I understand that you have refused to divulge the locations of collectors connected wirelessly to smart meters.  This is information that the public has every right to know, and I urge you to promptly release it.




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