2015-05-10 Precautionary advice re. RF and EMF


  • Re wifi in schools and homes, some excellent precautionary advice from Dr. Mallory-Blythe. Often people have wireless devices in their home already affecting them and the $$meter is the last straw for the body.

Try to keep your mobile switched off and don’t use it unless you need to. Keep it in flight mode when it is on and never carry your mobile close to your body, even on standby.

Don’t use Wi-Fi for internet. Instead use an Ethernet cable and buy a router with no wireless capacity or disable it. Disable Wi-Fi on your computer or tablet by disabling the wireless card via the control panel or putting it into flight mode.

Replace cordless landlines with corded ones. Most cordless telephones give off radiation whether they’re in use or not.





  • A short youtube about a fellow in Australia suffering EHS.  The best thing that can be done is to take action to try to prevent yourself from becoming sensitive by reducing/avoiding exposure to RF and EMF in the first place, doing things like replacing all wireless things in your own environment.

Without further evidence, the best option for sufferers is alleviating symptons. “Treatment of their impairment is of course only through making their environment accessible,” said Johannson. “They do not have a disease, they do not have an overall diagnosis, and they’re not patients. They are normal healthy people from that point of view.  But in inferior environment they function less well.”






From: X
Sent: May 10, 2015 12:31 PM
To: customerservice

Subject: Radiation on Ferries


Dear BC Ferries,


Like all residents of Vancouver Island, our family are regular customers on the ferries.

We are also active in promoting consideration of the health effects of all types of electromagnetic radiation.

We have written before asking BC Ferries to provide safe zones on the ferries for those who suffer from hypersensitivity, the elderly, young children, cancer sufferers, and others who should not be exposed to wireless radiation.

It was with horror that I read the following letter. (letter in update of May 9)  You MUST heed the warnings of the Canadian Medical Association and change your corporate behavior immediately.

You MUST stop exposing your crew and passengers to these outrageous levels of radiation.  Not to do so is negligent, and if you do not heed these warnings and requests, it is my hope that every single decision maker in your corporation will be held personally liable for the damage you are doing to the health of those who are forced to use your services, which is all of us.




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