2015-05-15 In Quebec’s Hydro worried about smeters blowing up if too close to a propane tank


  • The remote disconnect switch on smeters is one of the design flaws that can cause and probably has caused fires in BC. In Sask. this was the feature that resulted in the removal of all smeters and cessation of the program. Are BC Hydro and Fortis ensuring that the smeter isn’t near a propane tank?

Hydro-Quebec making sure your house doesn’t blow up – CJAD 800 AM – May 15, 2015:



  • Ian Jessop on his program today on a Victoria radio station, CFAX 1070, spoke about the concerns with wifi and microwave radiation. It can be heard on his podcast, the 2-3 pm session, about 5 minutes from the end. May I suggest we write to him, or the radio station, asking for more information about this important topic.



  • Security continues to be a major concern, with many experts raising the issue of sloppy, poor or inadequate encryption Our privacy commissioner has been way too quiet about this issue.



  • An Australian doctor, himself suffering from cancer, is spreading the word and warning people of the dangers re. RF.



  • Yet another example of this government going rogue. A major project with no approval by BCUC, due diligence ignored, no oversight and money going down the drain.  It’s time for the Auditor General to review this Energy Minister, BC Hydro and all of the back room deals that have been made, at our expense. This IT program, $$meters, Site C are just a few. There is a form for emailing the AG at http://www.bcauditor.com/reach I sent the comment below:



  • A recent court decision that could present new opportunities for irresponsible governments to be held to account. This government bypassed regulatory authority (BCUC), did not perform due diligence (there were many smeter programs already in place that were known to have major problems), bought a meter that emitted a 2b carcinogen and was a fire hazard, and has been dishonest with the public about many aspects. This decision will no doubt be appealed to the Supreme Court, but if it holds, this will be major.



The Federal Court of Appeal has opened the door to lawsuits against government regulators for negligent administration of their regulatory schemes and created the possibility of suing a regulator for damages under public law if the regulator violates a clear duty to act or exercises its public power in an “irrational” or “clearly wrong” manner. Businesses should consider pursuing lawsuits against regulators in appropriate circumstances where those regulators have negligently exercised or abused their public power.

Beekeepers Abuzz After Court Allows Class Action to Proceed Against Regulator by Thomas Lipton – JD Supra Business Advisor – May 08, 2015:


  • Penticton Indian Band was given no notice for smeters. The Osoyoos Indian Band refused to allow Hydro to install $$meters on their land.




To the Auditor General:


After reading this article in the Globe and Mail http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/mistakes-made-in-bc-hydro-software-update/article24430513/

it has become glaringly evident that this government has gone rogue. This exemplifies the contempt that Premier Clark, Energy Minister Bill Bennett,  and BC Hydro in particular have for law and due process.

The BC Utilities Commission has been bypassed many times with major projects — in addition to this IT project there has been the smart meter program and Site C . Recommendations by independent panels are ignored, due diligence is abhorred, every effort to avoid oversight is made, and the public is left with huge bills and no voice in the matter.

It’s time for a major audit into both the practices and the decisions made by this government and this agency. Our democratic rights, like our crown corporations, are being dismantled and destroyed.


Sharon Noble

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