2015-05-05 Hydro sending out intimidating, threatening letters

  • $$meters not being used to report outages. If you read Timothy Schoechle’s article in the update a few nights ago, you would see that he maintains that the grid and $$meter are unable to do this efficiently.




  • More info about RF radiation and these dangerous $meters are reaching the public, and now a well-known person, Suzanne Somers, has included info in a recent book. People who won’t read studies or have the opportunity to see anything in the mainstream media might read her books, etc. (not that I’m promoting). Someone sent me an excerpt, which I’ve put in the “letters” section below.


  • Many people have received letters from Brad Bishop at BC Hydro that threaten disconnection if a meter exchange is not allowed. Unlike earlier letters no mention is made of the fact that the exchange is due to the current analog having ‘expired’, and many people are confused and upset by the threatening tone. Totally unacceptable way to treat a customer.  If you get one of these letters, I hope you will lodge a formal complaint with Patrick Wruck, complaints officer at BCUC at wruck@bcuc.com. Below, in the letter section, I’ve listed what I did and what I’ve recommended others do to arrange the exchange.


  • A friend in Calif. forwarded this link to an interview with a scientist studying EHS. I didn’t have time to listen to it (1 hour) but she told me it was really good.





Excerpts from Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick by Suzanne Somers (Her Book is Available at CostCo for a Discounted Price)


CHAPTER ONE.  “Toxic Threat #6: EMFs and CELL PHONES” (pp. 41-44)


“Have you heard about Smart Meters?  Well, beware, your electric company is going to come calling and hopefully (from their perspective) you will be another ‘dumb consumer’ and you will allow the meter man inside your property so he can install the new meter.  Smart meters are on twenty-four hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year and collectively add to the massive amounts of electro-smog created by TV, radio, Wi-Fi, and cell-phone and cordless-phone frequencies that are already bombarding and microwaving us.  In addition to the frequencies that smart meters emit, officials have had to boost the cell towers’ power capacities to be able to read the meters….


“The new smart meter records when you are home, when you are not, and tracks your usage.  An EMF ‘grid’ covers your entire home once a smart meter is installed, emitting electromagnetic frequencies and radiation throughout your home and your body nonstop and with no escape.


“Utility companies began installing these in 2009.  The new technology allows the energy company to wirelessly transfer customers’ energy use back to the utility company.  EMF frequencies are classified as non-ionizing radiation.  So they have been thought to be safe compared to the ionizing radiation that is utilized in atomic bombs and nuclear power plants; however, research is showing that EMFs are now being revealed as biological hazards also.


“If your neighbor allows for the smart meter to be installed in his home, you will also experience his EMF’s radiating into your home.  If, God forbid, your neighbors on both sides have smart meters, you get a double whammy even though you refused to have the smart meter installed.  I can feel your frustration through the pages!  But there is hope and there are answers.  Don’t forget that!


“You have power with your vote.  Next time it comes up, just say no!  In the meantime, refuse to have a smart meter installed in your home and explain the dangers to your neighbors.  It’s time for communities to have meetings to discuss the dangers of today’s exposures and toxicants.  Working together you can help one another.  Education is power and discussion is how it happens….


“’They’ say that the smart meter is a money saver, allowing for the electrical company to eliminate home visits by the ‘meter reader.’  If you refuse to have a smart meter installed in your home, expect to have a fine attached to your monthly electrical bill for as long as you hold out.  The very thought of this imposition gives me shivers down my spine.


“Studies to date have been conflicting.  It’s difficult to measure what you cannot see with the naked eye.  Without information on the health hazards, no self-respecting biochemist or human physiologist would ever have approved installing these grids over entire states, as is slowly being done all over California.  Whatever the research uncovers in the future, it clearly makes little sense to install technology that radiates electromagnetic radiation twenty-four hours a day, leaving people with nowhere to go to get away from it.  Not even out in public.”


CHAPTER NINE.  “The Detox Basics: Rx FOR EMFs” (p. 297)


“The first thing you can do is refuse to have the utility company install the new smart meter in your home.  Unfortunately, there will be a small monthly fine (which annoys me), but it’s worth it to eliminate an electromagnetic grid covering your whole house.”

Recommendations for meter exchange that worked for me and has worked for many:

  • In writing to bishop@bchydro.com say that you require an appointment for the exchange
  • That you will accept an analog, not a digital, because you are paying extortion fees for the analog that you have.
  • Insist that the installation be done by a qualified Hydro person, and not a Corix employee.
  • That the exchange cannot be done live, that your power must be turned off prior to the exchange to prevent damage.


  • Then put a sign on your analog saying that you refuse permission for an exchange with the power on.


  • Call BC Hydro at the number on the letter and tell them what you wrote to Brad Bishop. Insist on an appointment. People with dogs that must be controlled will get appointments without argument, as will people who have medical devices or machines that must be turned off in advance.  Do not debate or get into an argument with the reps who answer the phone. They are poorly informed and trained to get the smeter on your home. Just ensure that they agree to give you an appointment.


  • The installer will phone the day or so in advance. Tell him you will accept only an analog. There are analogs available and every installer has been most pleasant and helpful. Expect the one calling you will be, too.


  • When he comes to your door he might have a digital. Hydro has instructed the installers to put a digital on the home whenever possible. If you aren’t home or don’t insist, you will get a digital.


  • Unplug all your major devices that could be harmed, e.g. TVs, computers. Then pull the main circuit breaker for your home.


  • Take a phone of both meters, your old one and the new one so that you can see the numbers for billing purposes. You want to make sure Hydro charges you correctly.


  • When the exchange is over, turn the power on at the circuit breaker first, then your devices.


Sharon Noble

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