2015-05-27 FortisBC responds re. RDOS moratorium with same old-same old, plus Corix in South Okanagan

  • An excellent 20 min. youtube of Katie Singer, author of “ Electronic Silent Spring”. Great for sharing. Interesting info re. $meters


  • For those who believe that nothing will ever replace wifi, it’s already being done in Europe. For several years now scientists have worked on light waves to communicate data – just like fiber optic cable. Safer – no radiation. And no intrusion in someone else’s space. They are using it in stores in France.


  • More on the moratorium passed by the RDOS (Regional District Okanagan South) last week.



And here is Fortis’s response with many inaccurate statements, and twists, e.g. the certification.

http://www.pentictonherald.ca/opinion/article_fd280ac4-040c-11e5-ad09-bfadc37d9ad7.html  Please comment.


  • A good general explanation of dirty electricity and AMR meters, which are being used by water companies. It includes links to purchase analogs, but this will not help us in BC. Analogs must be certified by Measurements Canada, even though the FCC uses the same protocol in the US. Also, BCHydro (and probably FortisBC) will turn off your power if you install an analog even if it has been certified and the exchange is done by an electrician. They are bullies and will use the excuse that they are concerned about your safety. But analogs are available and will be available because many states and countries are refusing to participate in the smart meter program.



  • Warning from member that Corix is in the south Okanagan.





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