2015-05-30 “$$smart meters are not $mart.


  • The first in a series of articles about the problems of $meters and the grid, this one by Camilla Rees;   “Smart Meters are not smart.”




  • On June 10, CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association) is holding a webinar (a web seminar). It is free but you must register. CELA is a major association and has participated in many of the precedent-setting environmental legal actions.


(CAREX (CARcinogen EXposure) Canada is a national surveillance project that estimates which known and suspected carcinogens Canadians are exposed to, where in Canada such exposures may occur, and which substances pose the greatest hazard to the public.
The ultimate goal of the project is to inform efforts to reduce these exposures and thereby help to prevent cancer.This webinar, presented in partnership with CELA by CAREX Canada’s Occupational Exposures Team Lead Cheryl Peters, will provide a broad overview about CAREX, how the exposure estimates were generated, and how users can conduct custom queries of these estimates. CELA Counsel Ramani Nadarajah will be part of a follow-up panel to discuss potential use of the CAREX data in litigation.
The webinar takes place on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 12:00 PM PST, 3:00 PM EST.
Registration is required. [- http://www.carexcanada.ca/en/CAREX_CELA_webinar/


  • New solar/wind technology being use to light streets in Barcelona. Sounds perfect for BC.



  • A 9 min. video, an interview with one of our members who is and has been fighting for the right of her grandson, who is sensitive, to attend a school that does not have wifi.  Please hit share or like to get it more attention on the internet.






Further to this article that I sent in last night’s update, From a member presenting to the Golden Council re. cell towers. http://www.thegoldenstar.net/breaking_news/304942001.html

Emails to the newspaper can be sent to editor@thegoldenstar.net


Here are the email addresses of the Council members considering Telus’s application. There will be a further presentation to council at the meeting on June 2, 7:00 pm.  It would be helpful if the Mayor & councillors heard from concerned citizens before that meeting:

Mayor Ron Oszust        ron.oszust@golden.ca
Connie Barlow               connie.barlow@golden.ca
Leslie Adams                 leslie.adams@golden.ca
Chris Hambruch            chris.hambruch@golden.ca
Eddie Leigan                  eddie.leigan@golden.ca
Caleb Moss                    caleb.moss@golden.ca
Bruce Fairley                  bruce.fairley@golden.ca


From: X
Sent: May 30, 2015 12:23 AM
To: Diane Brennan; Alec McPherson; Colin Haime; Ian Thorpe; Bill McKay; Marc Lefebvre; Howard Houle; Jim Kipp; Bob Rogers; Julian Fell; George Holme; Jerry Hong; Teunis Westbroek; Bill Yoachim; Maureen Young; Bill WL Bestwick; Wendy Pratt; Joe Stanhope; Bill Veenhof; Leonard Krog; Douglas Routley; Thomas Mulcair; Elizabeth May, MP; Paul Manly; Jean Crowder; Justin Trudeau; Jamie Brennan; Jeffrey Solomon; Scott Kimler; Steve Rae; Natasha Bob; Stephanie Higginson; Kelsey Toye; Tania Brzovic; Noah Routley; Bill Robinson; Jacob Gair; R. Elaine Young; Julie Austin; Barry Kurland; Eve Flynn; Dr. Perry Kendall
Cc: Philip Wolf; Melissa Fryer, Editor

Subject: LETTERS: RDOS (Regional District Okanagan South BC) moratorium on smart meters – Penticton Western News

 Esteemed Leaders:

Several times now I have warned you that insurance companies are excluding exposure to EMR from their policies.  Here’s one from AVIVA:

 “Risk is so fundamental to who we are that there are some risks that we simply will not insure against. These include activities such as nuclear risks (Nuclear Act 1965); manufacture of tobacco; manufacture/sale or supply of arms; animal testing; war and toxic waste. Our exclusions also apply to liability cover for electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation;  asbestos products; and genetically modified organisms – among other examples.”



Lloyd’s of London led the way in 2001, excluding liability for third party injury from EMR exposure by Big Telecom; now they exclude illness from EMR exposure, period.


Will you pay attention now that the insurance industry has vowed to sue every politician and bureaucrat who voted in favour of cell antennas, wifi routers, etc. despite knowing better?  


Or will we see you at Wreck Beach next, since you won’t have anything left for shelter or clothing?



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