2015-05-07 Canadian Medical Assoc. — Health Canada is not doing its job


  • Exciting news!! The Canadian Medical Assoc. has called out Health Canada for not doing its job of protecting us.


Now it’s time for our provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, to acknowledge that he cannot continue to ignore the science.
(see letters below). I hope you will write to Kendall, your MLAs and the media. This is big news.



  • Someone who got the recent threatening letter from Hydro called the office of her MLA for No. Vancouver, Jane Thornthwaite, a liberal. Her assistant, after hearing this person’s complaints, said he has never received one other complaint about the $$meter program. I know there are many members from No. Van. Perhaps she needs to hear from you,


FYI – several people have told me that they wrote and called Hydro, and the Hydro people were very polite and accommodating! All were promised that they would be called a day or so in advance by the installer to make an appointment, and that the installer would be a professional installer from Hydro, not Corix. Also, it was acknowledged that analogs are still available, so make sure when the installer calls that he has one available for you.



  • Attached are the minutes of the April 28th session of HESA during which experts Dr. Riina Bray, Dr. Martha Herbert, and Dr. Devra Davis discuss EHS, autism and cancer related to wireless devices. The audio is very worthwhile listening to because you can hear the passion in Dr. Bray’s voice, and hear the concern in the voices of several of the MPs. http://www.c4st.org/HESA2015 I would encourage each of you to write Dr. Hedy Fry, MP from Vancouver Center, and Cathy McLeod of Kamloops, expressing your gratitude for their interest and determination to do the right thing. You should express your concerns about the current lack of protection for the general public, especially children. With the number of wireless devices and transmitters increasing each day and the amount of electrosmog in our schools and homes, it is vital that action be taken now, while there is a chance of protecting the future generations. Health Canada has failed and officials like Dr. Perry Kendall are unwilling to take a stand that is divergent from HC’s.

 House of Commons Committees – HESA (41-2) – Minutes of Proceedings


  • A member has found that the DVD “Take Back Your Power” is in the Vancouver Library.



  • Coming to Vancouver, perhaps for the next taxi ride you take.  You will be in a faraday cage bombarded by RF bouncing off the metal and glass.  A good reason to walk when possible, even if the wifi is all around. The levels will be less outside than inside the car.





  • Here is the program from CBS Los Angeles re. wifi.  A teacher is accommodated in her classroom for EHS—the first in the US.







From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: May 7, 2015 5:48 PM
To: Dr. Perry Kendall
Cc: Health Critic Judy Darcy (judy.darcy.mla@leg.bc.ca); Hon. Terry Lake (hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca); Abderrachid Zitouni, Radiation Specialist, BCCDC; John Horgan. Leader NDP; Christy Clark (premier@gov.bc.ca);

Subject: Canadian Medical Association Journal renounces Health Canada


Dr. Kendall,


When, in the past, you used to respond to my emails, you often said that you were following Health Canada even though you have the authority to take action to reduce exposure levels or eliminate devices at the provincial level.


Today, after 3 days of testimony before the HESA parliamentary committee to which Health Canada reports, the Canadian Medical Association reports that  Health Canada has been shown to be biased, with conflicts of interests, ignoring strong scientific evidence, which has resulted in inadequate protection for Canadians from the microwave radiation emitted by wireless devices.




You, Sir, cannot say you did not know that the scientific evidence was sufficient to take precautionary measures. You can only say that you did not care to take a stand, to use your position, to protect British Columbians.


It is time now for you to demand that wifi be pulled from schools, with only wired access allowed. It’s time for you to tell BC Hydro and Fortis to remove the wireless meters from homes and, should “smart” meters be justified, they must be wired. It is time for you to do the job assigned to you as the public health officer for British Columbia. Hiding behind Health Canada is no longer safe – they have been outed.  If you continue to refuse to consider the science, at least follow the lead of the Canadian Medical Association.


If you don’t or won’t, then we will demand your resignation. If you refuse to do what is right, you must be replaced by someone who will.


Sharon Noble

Cc/ all MLAs



From: Hans Karow
Sent: May 7, 2015 4:22 PM
To: Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX

Subject: FW: your position re Standing Committee on Health (HESA) EVIDENCE NUMBER 57,


Dear Dr. Kendall,

I forgot to include one of your earlier  (March 6, 2012) email in where your position is contained.

Thank you,

Hans Karow (name given with permission)


 From: Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX [mailto:Perry.Kendall@gov.bc.ca]
Sent: March-06-12 2:16 PM
To: ‘Karow Hans’
Cc: Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX

Subject: RE: B.C. Hydro wireless smart meter program 27 + 1 question January 26 2012


Dear Mr Karow- from a public health perspective my role is to determine whether or not exposure to Smart Meters constitutes a health hazard. From all I have read, with the present state of knowledge, I have concluded that it does not.

Should I revise this opinion, based on new knowledge or further scientific enquiry I will make appropriate recommendations.


Perry Kendall


(note from editor:  Apparently Dr Perry Kendall reads only the Health Canada statements that say that Smart Meters and Cell phones present NO possible health effects. 

You would think that an intelligent person would know that there are Many, Many people and studies that state otherwise.  It looks like our Dr Kendall is just a mid level bureaucrat that does not think for himself but just does not want to upset his bosses in the BC government and possibly the Federal government. )



From: Hans Karow
Sent: May-07-15 3:35 PM
To: Kendall, Perry HLTH:EX

Subject: your position re Standing Committee on Health (HESA) EVIDENCE NUMBER 57,


Dear Dr. Kendall,


Would your position with re wireless technology (including smart meter, baby monitors, wifi,…) still remain unchanged, this in respect to the recent Standing Committee on Health, EVIDENCE NUMBER 57,   https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/57-SafetyCode6.pdf , and  to today’s Canadian Medical Association Journal which reports Health Canada’s wireless limits are “A Disaster to Public Health”  http://www.cmaj.ca/site/earlyreleases/7may15_scientists-decry-canadas-outdated-wi-fi-safety-rules.xhtml ?

Or would you basically remain in consensus with Prof. Tarzwell’s position as presented to the Standing Committee?

Your response would be very much appreciated,

Thank you,

Hans Karow


Sent: May 7, 2015 2:43 PM
To: editor@ladysmithchronicle.com

Subject: CMAJ reports Health Canada’s Wireless Limits are a Disaster to Public Health


Hello Again, Lindsay:

I had no idea I would be writing to you again today but this is hot off the press. (attached was the article from the Can. Med. Ass. Journal)

I know you have listened to me and many others on the smart meter issue over the years.  Perhaps there was a little more behind our refusal to accept these meters than has been generally known – until today.

I am presently paying approx. $75/mo. to retain the two old-style analogue hydro meters on my property.  I do not own a cell phone, microwave or wifi.  Further, my MD wrote me a letter years ago stating that a smart meter should not be installed here due to pre-existing medical conditions of myself and my wife.

I have just been in contact with the office of MLA Bill Bennett who is presently behind the imposition of smart meters in BC.   If there is any justice in this province, and in this nation, this press release should be a game changer not only on the smart meter issue, but regarding wifi, wireless devices and the location of cell towers, etc.


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