2015-05-09 Brain tumours not tracked by med. system


  • With scientists warning that increased use of cell and cordless phones will result in a flood of brain cancers and tumours, shouldn’t some agency be tracking these? With no apparent historical data, even if tracking were started today, it would take some time for an increase to show, and in all likelihood the base is already elevated so the increase would be less than if the tracking had started 15-20 years ago, before cell and cordless phones became ubiquitous.


Currently, the Canadian medical system does not track statistics on primary brain tumours. Complete and accurate data is needed to facilitate the research that will lead to a better understanding of this disease and improved diagnosis and treatment.”




  • Quebec is now asking the question we have asked but done nothing about: isn’t the cost of meter reading in our bill as it has always been?  Look for them to pursue this, as we should, too.





  • Adding wifi to $$meters is easy to do. About 4 years ago, when this program first started, Hydro said they would be installing 1800 collectors on poles outside homes. These collectors would have 2 transmitters, one to communicate with Hydro or to the next cell tower, the other to communicate with $$meters. After they had been installed, they were removed and replaced with a new collector, a Cisco 1000 that has up to 8 transmitters and Hydro wouldn’t explain why this additional cost. And why all those transmitters? Hydro won’t give out any information about these, not even locations. But we can guess that there will be uses, like wifi, and Hydro will be making money off these collectors that we’ve paid for and that are irradiating us from poles outside our homes.  If you want to see what collectors look like go to http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=1818


Adding Wi-Fi to smart meters is easy and cost-effective – Texas Instruments:






The author is also sending this to the Ombudsperson.


Dear Mr. Wruck,

The letter below is my response to the one I received from Mr. Brad Bishop, BC Hydro Meter Deployment Manager, dated May 1, 2015.  Again I am threatened with BCHydro’s favorite threat / action of “disconnection”.

I do have literature from BCHydro sent to me earlier in which they offer a metering “choices” program which allows me to keep my analogue / electro mechanical meter for an extortion fee that often is higher then the electrical consumption.

I call this an extortion fee as any fee one has to pay to prevent from being harmed is extortion.  I have done extensive reading in regards to the smart metering program including our local program and meter incidences, I fully believe these devices are harmful and unsafe in many categories to human health and life.

Please find the photo below that shows the dirty used meter the “Corix Kid”( who was reluctant to provide me an adequate look at his ID), was attempting to install on my home.

Smart Meter - Update 2015-05-09

Why is any customer to accept from BCHydro this dirty, used plastic device – dirty on the clear plastic covering as well as the back plastic parts, and other internal parts ?

Where did this come from to be covered with such mud splatter, was this a result of rain ?

Does his mean the meter was placed in a location that subjected it to dirt and moisture from rain ?

Any time I have observed a licensed electrician at work, the environment is clean and dry.  The parts are new and clean and come out of a plastic bag.

I am reminded constantly from BC Hydro how dangerous electricity can be yet I am to accept this used dirty plastic,  that may or may not have had rain spraying into it, to be plugged into the area of high voltage, I have come to know as “the meter base” on my home ??

Am I expected to believe this has been subjected to any form of testing to ensure it is safe ? No one even bothered to wipe he dirt off.

Is rolling around in the back of a pick-up truck with numerous other meters a safe and advisable way of transporting such a device ?  I used to work in shipping departments and T-Shirts are packed better then these meters I observed.

I have read and heard stories of eyewitness’ observing the “Corix Kids” bashing these devices into people’s “bases” of their electrical panel,  subsequent damage has so far always been blamed on the homeowner.  I do nothing to my own home that would create a dangerous electrical situation.  As a BC Hydro customer, who has no choice except to purchase electricity from them, why do I have to risk being put in harm’s way ?

Given my description and photos of how BC Hydro felt / feels my home and safety should be respected, this is NOT an acceptable way to treat customers and humans.  I am already paying more than the electricity I consume to prevent from being harmed, now I am being threatened with having no electricity if I do not agree to their dirty, possibly damaged, untested, harmful devices.

The intrusion on basic human rights to not have a device such as this installed on one’s home is part of a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro.  Judges, states, towns, municipalities most certainly around North America are ruling in favour of human rights over utilities companies desire to create harm for profit.  I am not here to be harmed by my utility company.

Thank You in Advance for your time and attention to my concerns,




To: customerservice@bcferries.com

Sent: Friday, May 08, 2015 4:25 PM

Subject: Microwave radiation exposure




On May 4th. at 3.15, my wife and I, traveled from Tsawassen to Duke Point on the Queen of Port Alberni.  Our vehicle was loaded in the open area of deck 3, at the front of the vessel.

My wife is one of the many, who have become debilitating hyper-sensitive to any form of wireless technology, including WiFi, cell phones and tablets, cell towers and Radar.

In vain, we searched for a non-irradiated zone on the ship, and discovered there is not a single safe zone for sensitive passengers like her on the ship!  So we decided to stay in the car, which turned out not to be a safe solution either.  It took less than a couple minutes inside the car, when she felt the ship’s Radar, which made her feel increasingly ill.


I used a radiation meter which we carry with us, and was stunned to see it spike into the red, to the point that the alarm was going off!  The deck we were parked on, was swept by Radar, continuously!

I kept checking with the radiation meter for a few minutes as I thought that perhaps the pulses were from another vessel passing by.  I was wrong, it was the ship’s Radar!


I immediately went to the ship’s Chief Steward’s office and complained.  The gentleman I spoke to tried to appease me, but I am fully aware, that a Radar beam is absolutely off limits to anyone especially in close proximity!  By the time I returned to the deck, the Radar was still on the deck, but the intensity was reduced by a measure of 10.

I like to point out, that there were also children and elderly, (which could have pace makers or medical implants) swept by this Radar for the duration of the 2 hour trip.


There are no warning signs posted anywhere on this deck, warning passengers and crew of the ship’s Radar sweeps!


Here are the radar sweeps I recorded every few seconds and the recommended medical guidelines:


Radar sweeps on car deck: 9.500 – 12.500 mW/m2


The radiation levels from wireless sources in all seating areas including the children’s play area reached levels over 1mW/m²!  

 Guideline of the Austrian Medical Association

1 mW/m² very far above normal                          

0.01-1 mW/m² far above normal

0.001-0.01 mW/m² slightly above normal

0.001 mW/m² within normal limits


Guideline document – Austrian Medical Association




MICROWAVE RADIATION HAZARD The microwave energy radiated by a Radar antenna is harmful to humans, especially to one’s eyes. Never look directly into an open waveguide or into the path of radiation from an enclosed antenna. Radar and other radio frequency radiation can upset cardiac pacemakers. If someone with a cardiac pacemaker suspects abnormal operation, immediately turn off the equipment and move the person away from the antenna. Turn off the Radar whenever it is necessary to work on the antenna unit or on other equipment in the beam of the Radar.


International Doctors Appeal


Scientific studies repeatedly demonstrate that electromagnetic fields can impair self-regulation and cause adverse biological impacts, including: increased permeability of the protective blood-brain barrier, changes in brain wave activity, unbalanced release of neurotransmitters and hormones (especially the increase in stress hormones), immune system impairment, damage to genetic material, and lowered fertility, to name only a few of the well-established examples. Oxidative cell stress—a major cause of many diseases— has been shown to be a central effect mechanism of radiation exposure.


Yesterday’s (May 7) Press Release:

Canadian Medical Association Journal reports Health Canada’s wireless limits are “A Disaster to Public Health”




This is a serious safety breach which affects passengers and crew members.

As paying passengers, who pay full fare, we have a RIGHT to safe passage in a SAFE RADIATION FREE ZONE, no different than smoke-free zones in the past.


Should BC Ferries ignore our reasonable request of safety while on board, then the media will be notified.  Please give this your immediate attention, so that no other passenger’s health and safety may be unnecessarily jeopardized.




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