2015-05-04 Calif. court decision rules opt out fee discriminatory


  • In California, Plumas County Superior Court Judge Janet Hilde ordered PSREC to cancel the opt-out fee and monthly charge for reading the analog meter. She also ordered the utility to allow Hart to self-read the device.

    Hilde cited California law stating public utilities cannot prejudice, disadvantage or require different rates or deposit amounts from a person because of a medical condition.





  • In India the high court is ordering new technology be used to eliminate building cell towers. The court is saying that the companies must use underground cables. I have not heard of this before, but it is not unusual for other parts of the world to do things better and safer long before we hear about it in North America. BTW, India’s exposure limits are far lower than Health Canada’s Safety Code 6.




  • People in Quebec are planning on a class action lawsuit the increasing level of electrosmog threatening our health and our environment.




  • In case you missed Barrie Trower’s 3rd interview, here is the link. The first 2 are there, too. Barrie was involved with microwave “sywar” for the UK’s MI 5 for many years. He has a lot of interesting information to share.




  • Another great letter from Jerry Flynn, this one about the wifi that Vancouver Council is allowing Telus to spew across Vancouver. All the email addresses for the councillors are on the letter. I hope others will write to the council about this shameful, dangerous decision.





  • A very interesting article especially when considering the EMR war games that US military is planning for Washington Olympic peninsula ( and the southern area of BC and the water life in the area).



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