2015-05-01 Hydro Quebec admits to more than a dozen $$meter fires, hiding $meters

1)  Below is a letter from a member regarding the decision by Vancouver to allow “free” wifi throughout the city.
Many people have made presentations and written to the Council over the last few years, informing the Councillors and Mayor about the dangers of RF. Vancouver was one of the 60+ local governments who asked the Liberals for a moratorium on the $$meter program. But councillors change, people forget. Perhaps it’s time for more presentations and letters, reminding the Council that responsibility for health rests with local governments under the Public Health Act.  Would the City have allowed this if they knew about Lloyd’s of London waiver or knew about some of the recent research?

2)   In the Calif. town where Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was founded, after having smeters since 2012, resistance is growing to have them removed due to health problems and concerns.
3) In Quebec there have been more than a dozen $$meter related fires (according to victims), and Hydro Quebec is refusing to provide any information.
According to firefighters HQ is removing $$meters from the fire scenes even before the firemen arrive, and refuse to allow them to be investigated to determine the reason for the fire or to acknowledge if the $$meter had been the cause.

All of this is similar to BC Hydro where information is not being provided, where insurers are claiming against Hydro, where the government and Hydro are denying any liability or even that fires/failures have occurred. Just as with the same lies being told when the $$meters are being “sold” to the public, the same lies are being told when the $meters burn. Collusion??? I provided comments to the author and I hope you will consider doing the same. My letter is below.
4)  Tesla’s new batteries will cost much less than expected, and are ready now.
http://www.cnbc.com/id/102641984   and  http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/tesla-launches-powerwall-home-battery-with-aim-to-revolutionize-energy-consumption-1.3056587


What will work wonderfully with these batteries, especially in windy BC, are the wind trees that currently are being tested in France.  Now all we need are some good grants for those wanting to go off the grid, and cut the cord with Hydro.






Sent: April 28, 2015 7:42 PM
To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com
Cc: Noble, Dennis and Sharon; stopsmartmetersbc; Society, Citizens for Safe Technology

Update 2015-04-24 Smeters have batteries even more dangerous than lithium ion ones

Dear Ms. Erica Hamilton,


You may remember me as an intervenor in the application by FortisBC of a few years ago, regarding their smartmeters.  I cannot remember if I ever received a response from your office.  Please find attached a copy of my presentation to your office.  At that time, my wife and I lived in the City of Langley, where we were threatened by BC Hydro’s 13 smartmeters (not our own “lone ranger”) next to our townhouse front door.   We tried everything to ask the Strata Council, but to no avail.  We tried everything to fix our townhouse on the inside, to shield ourselves from the negative effects of these 13 smartmeters, but to no avail.  The place had become “unlivable” to us, and we needed to move.  In June 2013, we moved into a 50 year old house (that had been vacant for almost a decade) on 0.40 acres just north of Osoyoos.  Now we are threatened by FortisBC’s smartmeters.


Below you will see the complete e-mail that I received from Ms. Sharon Noble.  She is well known to you; I have received e-mails from her for a few years.  What concerns me very significantly is the last letter (written by XX – and I do not know at all who this is) addressed to Mr. Atanamenko (MP for the federal riding in which I now live) and Ms. Conroy, the MLA of one of the ridings in the Kootenay.  I have never met these politicians.  However, one does not need to share their political colour to just become OUTRAGED – if these two specific allegations are true – which I have no reason to disbelieve.


The specific FortisBC issue is the charge of $ 110.00 (allowed by your Commission’s decision) for something that was alleged to be quite an operation, but now turns out to be only pushing a button F1.  That should make everybody MADDER than I would like you to even imagine.  It should also make you MADDER than you yourself cannot even imagine.  You were already sent a copy of this “letter by XX” on Friday at 1 p.m. (by Ms. Noble).  My question ton you is:  What have you done with that information?


From what I understand the legal term “perjury” to mean, it is obvious that someone PERJURED himself or herself during the presentation of Forts’ Final Submissions on 2013-06-13.  That is a serious allegation (from my side) and I believe that it ought to be proven or disproven – by YOU as BCUC – fairly immediately.  That is my request and the purpose of this e-mail.  People like ourselves are currently extremely threatened by smartmeter installation “within a few weeks” as evidenced by a card we received by mail, and by a half-page advertisement in the Osoyoos Times.


On behalf of the many of people who stand to be HURT by smartmeters (because of EHS and/or EMFIS) – currently estimated in Europe as between 3% and 5% of the population – I would urge you to put an immediate stop or cancellation or termination or whatever you would like to call it – to the formerly given approval to FortisBC to is install smartmeters and radio-off meters, and to provide a third option – that of retaining an analog meter – just as XX already suggested in the last paragraph of his letter to Mr. Atanamenko and Ms. Conroy.


That would be the “status quo”, I guess.  I have already personally made a counter-offer to FortisBC – by rejecting both their smartmeter and their radio-off meter —- and note that I did this a few weeks ago, before even knowing about the second issue in the letter by XX – dangerous lithium metal batteries.  My resolve to retain an analog meter is much strengthened by the letter by XX.


Ms. Hamilton, with all due respect, I believe that you endanger the population of British Columbia (both in BC Hydro territory and in FortisBC territory) by not doing something drastic, right now.




To:  Dennis and Sharon,

I am appalled that the city of Vancouver is installing WiFi in more public places. I would like to know if any of council voted against this, i.e. , did any of them address the health issues. Do any of them even care to know the health issues.   This is tragic.


I have a Cornet brand radiation monitor. In April 2015, I made a point of measuring radiation levels in various areas of Vancouver. I detected harmful level readings of all forms of radiation that this device measures- radio frequency and electro magnetic- in a number of areas, but especially in the area around Denman St and Beach Ave. where the radiation measures were in the red (danger) region- just up from the beach. Putting more cell phone  towers to enable this increase of WiFi  in Vancouver will increase the danger levels in more parts of the city.


I have been measuring the radiation levels in coffee shops and other areas of free wifi for months now. The levels of radiation vary, but are in the harmful level in many locations already without this increased invasion of WiFi.


It is astounding that we have no decision makers paying attention to these health issues. They clearly no longer have the interest of the public good in their minds anymore, and no longer serve the public interest .


I have no smart meters on my 1/2 acre property in Vancouver and  use wired internet, not WiFi , but am surrounded by many, many smart meters and wifi user homes . Because of my neighbours, the readings in my home at times  reach levels that are less  than good, but I am better off than my neighbours. I am one block from a park and community centre. I need more WiFi radiation like I need a hole in my head.

It is absurd that we must run around now with devices measuring the intensity of radiation in order to avoid it as much as possible. I carry the monitor with me always. There are places in the world that are electrosmog free, but not big cities.



From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: May 1, 2015 8:43 PM

Subject: Smart meters are fire hazards


Dear. Mr. Dumont,


Re. your article http://ici.radio-canada.ca/regions/est-quebec/2015/04/29/012-compteurs-intelligents-hydro-quebec-incendies.shtml  I would like to commend you for bringing this issue to the public’s attention.


Hydro Quebec, just like BC Hydro, is misleading people and is attempting to escape responsibility by saying the meter base is the problem. Please, ask Hydro Quebec if an independent electrical engineer has tested these meters in conjunction with the analog meter base and has found them to be safe. In British Columbia no certification of these meters has occurred, and I bet the same is true in Quebec.


These bases were designed and CSA certified to hold an analog meter, not a digital of any kind, including a smart meter. How can the utility companies refuse to accept responsibility when they are misusing our equipment, the meter base. Once they install something that was not designed to be installed into the base, they have to accept responsibility for the ramifications.


In addition to this, these smart meters have many design flaws that have been identified by electrical engineers. I will list some:


  • They are made of combustible plastic, where the analogs are made of glass and metal. They wouldn’t burn if you tried.
  • Most smart meters (not those in Saskatchewan that burned – they were newer models) have lithium metal batteries to ensure the data is not lost in the event of an outage. These batteries are highly flammable when heated or exposed to moisture. The meters become very hot when in the summer’s sun.
  • The meters will hold moisture if they leak (as they did in Sask.), or when condensation is gathered – this is inevitable.
  • There is a remote disconnect switch that sparks. This was determined to be the igniter in Sask.


There have been 1000s of fires in North America involving all brands of smart meters. They all have design flaws and are very cheaply made.


There is no justification for putting the lives and properties of millions of Canadians at risk for a device that offers no benefits. Please, Mr. Dumont, share this information with the Quebec public.


I have spent the last 2 years accumulating information about the risks associated with these meters, and am gathering data re fires and meter failures. BTW. You should know that Saskatchewan’s government ordered the smart meter removed after 8 failures (the meters overheated and melted), before any fires occurred. One fire did occur but that was after the program had been halted.  Other governments should be as responsive and responsible.


Should you wish to have more information, I would be happy to share what I have.



Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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