2015-05-28 Govt. hiding information from public said to be systemic

  • A former BC civil servant, an Exec. Asst. to a Minister, was ordered to delete information requested via a Freedom of Information request. This is illegal.    As I’ve told you, BC Hydro is consistently refusing to answer by FOI (freedom of information) requests, using the right to privacy which does not apply to a public agency.  This was in a Minister’s office! This government is rogue.



  • ITRON is starting to install gas smart meters in other countries. Water smart meters are already installed in many places. Some homes will have 3 smart meters. I haven’t heard a thing about FortisBC having plans for gas smart meters, yet. It will have to go to BCUC so we will know in advance if they are planning anything.



  • The push for Smart meters began with stimulus money in the US, to get the economy going. But in many areas things are not working out as promised. Wyoming is one such place.


“People talk about the Internet of things, and what the smart grid is really about is the Internet of energy,” said Tom Seibel, CEO of C3 Energy, a company that helps utilities use all the new data they’ve collected from devices like smart meters.

Such a web is still a long way off. It requires huge, systemic changes to the way utilities work. Right now, there’s little business incentive to make those changes in the absence of government grants. If all smart meters accomplish is cutting costs for utilities and telling us when the power is out, then maybe the smart grid isn’t so smart after all.



  • There is ample evidence that having a cell tower or transmitter in a neighbourhood reduces property values. Some real estate agents report reductions of 20-30%, and in some cases homes near a tower will not sale. Initially people may be concerned about the aesthetics, but as more people become informed about the RF health effects, people avoid living near cell transmitters to avoid exposure to RF.






In Penticton Herald re. RDOS resolution. Please comment:


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