Newsletters 2015-06 JUN

2015-06-01 – Major lawsuit win against tobacco. Next cell phone!!

2015-06-02 – A major article refuting FortisBC’s claims that smart meters are safe

 2015-06-03 – Smart Meter explodes on home in Collingwood, Ont.

2015-06-04 – Why aren’t BCHydro and FortisBC moving smart meters away from propane tanks, etc.?

2015-06-05 – Fortis installers must be getting the word

2015-06-06 – Ontario Elect. Safety Authority investigating smart meters. Why isn’t this happening in BC, too?

2015-06-07  – A sparking smart meter caught on video

2015-06-08 – Paris Appeal addresses EHS

2015-06-09  – Dr. Oz with warning about smart phones & kids

2015-06-10  – Formal complaint made against Perry Kendall

2015-06-11  – Technical info. explaining design flaws in smart meters

2015-06-12 – Cancer Society denies any evidence that RF is dangerous.

2015-06-13 – In a Quebec town, residents chased Telus away

2015-06-14  – Microgrids, the way to cut the connection with Hydro

2015-06-15  – Fortis Alberta uses wired smart meters

2015-06-16 –  Hydro suing property manager for protecting tenants

2015-06-17  – Global covered Dr. Paterson’s presentation.

2015-06-18 – HESA report on Safety Code 6

2015-06-19 – No Car Day — a chance to spread the word

2015-06-20 – Dr. Tom Siddon questions FortisBC’s increasing rates & BCUC’s lack of accountability

2015-06-21 – Hydro still lying about safety of smart meters.

2015-06-22 – MP May pushing for open access to scientific research

2015-06-23 – Letter to Hydro asking for proof of safety that led Hydro to sue

2015-06-24 – Pre-pay meters coming to North America

2015-06-25  – Bennett put on notice that evidence shows ITRON meters cause fires

2015-06-26 – UNESCO asks for environmental assessment re.           US wargames

2015-06-27 – FCC collusion with industry exposed

2015-06-28 – List of cancer clusters near cell transmitters.

2015-06-29 – We need to start thinking a ITRON’s misrepresentations.

 2015-06-30 – Industry report (2010) admits serious problems

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  1. Hopefully TED received information required , thanks for your investment in the well being of us all . For this is truly an atrocity .
    Please confirm that you received the videos as well as the e-mail.
    Thanks Cathy Bryant

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