2015-06-12 Cancer Society denies any evidence that RF is dangerous.


  • More on the water meters in Chicago that are spinning out huge water bills.



  • In Australia, $$meters are being installed “silently”, with some “legacy” meters (these would be digital ones perhaps like the ones Hydro is trying to install when analogs ‘expire’) being “retrofitted”. The digital meters can become “stupid” by the addition of a module, which could already be inside waiting to be activated. The digital meter used by Hydro is the basic model used for $meters, so this would be a very easy switch.



  • A person living in the Fortis service area has an additional complication if a fire occurred at their place.  Their home is a log house.  If a log house has a fire, repair is not as simple as on a frame house.  Essentially the entire house would need to be dismantled and rebuilt – a significant job.


  • With all the scientific evidence showing the prolonged exposure to RF is dangerous, especially for children, the cancer society and institute say this when asked about having a cell tower on top of a school.  I wonder how much they were paid to tell these lies.

According to the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute, most scientists agree that emissions from cellphone antennas or towers are unlikely to cause cancer.

“To date there is no evidence from studies of cells, animals or humans that radio frequency energy can cause cancer,” the National Cancer Institute says on its website.



  • The “surplus radiation” in our environment is being used to drive electronics. Rather than figuring out how to reduce our exposures to this electrosmog, ingenuity is being used to figure how to use all of this stuff in our homes, schools and workplaces.



  • Disabled senior threatened with power loss if she didn’t allow a Fortis smart meter. Fortis says there is no choice but to allow these dangerous devices. People should be lodging formal complaints with BCUC about these meters being fire hazards that have not been certified safe by an independent electrical engineer licensed in BC, as is required by law. A reminder that some cardiologists in Victoria have said that they’ve seen many more patients with A-fib and believe the increase to be caused by wifi. They have advised patients to remove all wireless devices from their home to improve their condition. Yet Fortis and Hydro are requiring these to be put on homes!!




  • I get a lot of emails about BCHydro’s incompetence, whether in billing, answering questions, providing assistance, etc. Below is a letter with a new one for me, and the family is without power for 4 months as a consequence.




From Penticton Western News: http://www.pentictonwesternnews.com/opinion/letters/307002541.html

From a member:

Brad Bishop
Meter Deployment Manager
BC Hydro
6911 Southpoint Drive                             VIA EMAIL and REGULAR MAIL
Burnaby, BC
V3N 4X8
RE:   Service at 00000  0000 00000, Surrey, BC, 0000000

Dear Sir,

I write on behalf of Mr. XxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxX, the holder of the above account, and he has signed this letter acknowledging this fact and that he agrees with this letter.

We write in response to your letter dated June 4, 2015, which is enclosed for your reference.

We are shocked and in disbelief to receive such a letter.  For nearly 17 years continuously, while owning this residence, there has never been any problem with access to the meter.  This is the first we heard of this.


The meter is fully accessible and was just read recently on or about May 21, 2015 by your own meter reader.  There were no issues whatsoever with your meter reader accessing and reading the meter.  Access is via an un-gated paved driveway leading directly to a paved sidewalk along the premises to an un-gated porch.  There are no obstructions, no gates, or pets.  There are no access problems whatsoever, and in fact it is one the easiest meters to access and read.

Your claims regarding accessibility to the meter are patently false.  This is further evident by the fact that we have never been charged a “failed installation fee”, which is applied when BC Hydro cannot access the meter.  If you disagree, please provide the full particulars including any dates and times when BC Hydro was not able to access our meter.

Further, BC Hydro has already been informed many times, that we refuse the installation of a “smart meter.”  This is our right pursuant to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (“BCUC”) decision of April 25, 2014.  BC Hydro has further acknowledged our right to keep our existing analog meter as referenced in your department’s letter to us dated May 30, 2014.  As you are aware, we and other customers are paying an exorbitant fee of $32.40/month to retain our existing analog meter.

 At no time have we ever refused an exchange of our analog meter.  We have only refused to accept a smart meter.  We accept to an exchange once our exiting analog meter expires or ceases to function properly.  It is our understanding that our analog meter has not expired.  If it has indeed expired, please provide us with a photocopy of the most current Measurement Canada seal expiry dated for our exact analog meter for the above address and we will gladly accept a replacement analog meter.  Again, we do not accept an exchange for a smart meter.


We have been informed that BC Hydro still has analog meters (with no transmitting capabilities).  If we have been informed incorrectly, please advise.  We therefore consent only to an exchange of our analog meter with another analog meter, as analog meters are still available.


We require being present if any meter exchange is to take place, as we must be able to turn off our power before your installer does the exchange to prevent any possible damage to our electronic devices.  Therefore, have your office contact us to set up an appointment, as we require notice.


It appears to us that your letter is an ongoing pattern of harassment due in part to our refusal to accept a smart meter.  Further, for our other residence in the City of Surrey, we also refused to accept a smart meter.  On Feb. 18, 2015, without warning or any notice, BC Hydro cut power to this residence and removed the analog meter claiming power was disconnected due to a “live wire”, when in fact it was a coaxial cable clearly stamped with “SHAW CABLESYSTEMS” identifier and could not possibly be misidentified by a reasonably competent or diligent crewmember.  Something untoward was done by BC Hydro and/or the City of Surrey and such is supported by the fact that there is absolute proof that there was nothing wrong with the electrical service whatsoever when the power was cut-off.


We retained legal counsel and we demanded that you re-connect our power, or in the alternative to provide us with the materials and information that led to the disconnection.  On April 14, our legal counsel also provided BC Hydro with a field report from an independent certified electrician stating the fact that it is “safe to energize.”  BC Hydro has refused to re-connect our power and has also refused to provide us with these materials and information.  As a result, our legal counsel has filed a complaint with the BCUC.  It has been nearly 4 months, and we are still without power and without water (as we are on a private well, which requires power to run the well pump) at our other residence.  This latest threat from BC Hydro has the appearance of retaliation for our complaint.


As you are well aware, BC Hydro has both a contractual and statutory duty to provide us with electric power to both of our residences.

Provided that our current analog meter has indeed expired (or when it expires), we again confirm that there is clear unobstructed access and that we accept an exchange of our analog meter to that of another analog meter.



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