2015-06-30 Industry report (2010) admits serious problems

Happy Canada Day!


1)   An industry group, the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), which has been promoting what an improvement smart meters are, earlier wrote an important report acknowledging many of the problems we have been complaining about as well as praising the dependability of the analog—even saying they wish we could keep them.  It is clear the industry knew these things are not safe, efficient, or cost-effective.  We were sold a bill of goods and if we do not get rid of them, demand a recall, we will end up paying for them over and over again. The first $1 billion is far from being the last.  RECALL!!


“New meters may enable new rate structures such as time-of-use or critical peak pricing.”

“The impetus that finally drove the transition to solid state metering was not cost reduction, nor improvements in service life or reliability, but the need for more advanced functionality.”

Electromechanical meters had no digital circuitry.  They utilized spark-gaps to control the location of arc-over and to dissipate the energy of typical voltage events.  As a result, they were generally immune to standard surge events” like those that happened in Summerland, BC,  Stockton, California or Forest, Ontario.



2)   Non-smeter.  Fire in Wi-Fi modem. Has anyone experienced something like this?



3)   I keep encouraging people to write to their newspapers but many never get published. One member made an important point— there are limits to the number of words accepted in most cases. Usually 200-300 words. You can cut and paste your letter into word and use the word count function. Short and to the point will get attention and might be published. Long and drawn out won’t.


4)   From a FortisBC smart meter resister:


Just spoke to a friend that lives out by the White Lake Observatory (think that is what it is called) and the Federal Government will not let Fortis turn on their smart meters, they have had them installed in the radio off position and must be manually read by Fortis.  They are 1 km. away from the Observatory, however, turning on the smart meter interferes with their equipment.



5)   Remember the good old days (15-20 years ago) when people talked, looked at nature when they walked through the woods, or played with their kids? The upcoming generation will not have those memories. What will they remember when they think back?



Newsletter prepared by Sharon Noble

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