2015-06-26 UNESCO asks for environmental assessment re. US wargames


  • Below, in the letter section, is the press release that went out early Friday morning along with the letter to Bill Bennett and the copy of the letter to Bill Bennett and the Texas court document that I included in last night’s update. Please send to your local media and politicians. This should seal the deal for anyone who really cares about our safety.


  • The IARC panel met in May 2011 to review evidence concerning wireless emissions. Several “invited specialists” and “observers” were invited from the industry, yet no members of the press were allowed to observe. Invited specialists were full participants, participating in debate, thus able to influence the decision, but without a vote. Recent disclosure of the admitted conflict of interest in The Lancet Oncology has to give us pause. If industry had so many representatives, and the decision was still to classify RF as a 2b carcinogen, what might have happened if only independent researchers were participating?


The conflict of interest statement for N Kuster should read: “NK is director and board member of the non-profit IT’IS foundation that performs research in the field of exposure assessments for academia, governments, and industry.

IT’IS has received funding for specific projects from most mobile phone manufacturers and many service providers, including the Mobile Manufacturers Forum, Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, GSM Association, ARIB Japan, Swisscom, Deutsche Telekom, and TDC Sunrise.

uster is president of the board and shareholder of NF Technology Holding AG, which controls two companies, Schmid & Partner Engineering AG and ZMT Zurich Medtech AG, that develop near-field measurement instruments, simulation software, and medical test equipment.” This correction has been made to the online version as of June 25, 2015.



  • BC Hydro is incompetent in so many regards. Fortunately, despite incompetence, this member’s experience ended satisfactorily, thanks to the installer. Here is an email sent to Hydro.


In your past communication, of April 8, you stated:

“The meter installer will contact your telephone number on file, 604 796-0222, the day before a meter replacement will be attempted. At such time, you can make your own arrangements. Should you require further arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible at 1 800 409 8199.”

Did I get a call to make an appointment?  NO. Did I get any communication from your company to make an appointment? NO. Yet you stated to me that we would have a call the day before. We needed that time because we have dogs that had to be corralled plus be sure we were here.
Well imagine our surprise when a Hydro truck pulls up in front of our house and a tech comes to the door and states he was here to change the meter. He did not even know that we were supposed to have been called yesterday to make an appointment for today. Yet you said that the tech would call the day before.
The tech installed our new analogue meter and all went well. We told him we had to corral the dogs first and shut off the power. He told me that shutting off the power was not necessary. Something we all know as being necessary.
We were lucky to have been here as I had just come in from an appointment and my husband was just getting ready to leave for his appointment.


  • A horror story of a family and a smart meter that has gone on for years and still is a living hell. I believe there is collusion between the smart meter companies, the utilities, and who knows who else to keep the public in the dark about the dangers of these things. Why are the companies and the public utility commissions allowing this – there is something behind this, driving this, that we don’t know about.  There has to be.




  • Some good news the planned war games by the US military over the Olympic Peninsula.

“Save The Olympic Peninsula (“STOP”) announced today that it has received notification that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”) has contacted the U.S. UNESCO Ambassador to request an Environmental Impact

Assessment concerning the potential impacts to Olympic National Park from the U.S. Navy’s plan to conduct war games in its environs on the Olympic Peninsula.”





  • More applications for cell towers/transmitters are being rejected at the municipal level, this one in Eugene, Oregon.





June 26. 2015 – For Immediate Release




What did ITRON know and when did they know it? They knew these smart meters were dangerous and they knew from the very beginning.


We, the taxpayers who fund BC Hydro, demand a refund from ITRON for selling a defective, dangerous device.


ITRON’s smart meters have design flaws that make them fire hazards. These were sold to many places before they were sold to BC Hydro, so ITRON had to have been aware of problems long before the contract was signed.


Failures and fires have occurred in BC. How many no one knows because no one is tracking. BCUC was told through the Clean Energy Act and Direction 4 it had no authority to interfere in the smart meter program in any way. BC Safety Authority has been told to butt out of the smart meter program. And the Provincial Fire Commissioner doesn’t track specific causes of fires. So no one knows, except, perhaps BC Hydro and they’re not talking.


But now, through sworn testimony in a legal action in Texas obtained by Sharon Noble, Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, we learn that there have been many incidents of ITRON Openway smart meters — the same model used by BC Hydro and Fortis BC — failing and burning, palettes of them, according to one testimonial.


Now is the time, before more homes are damaged, and more lives put at risk, to say this program is a fiasco. WE WANT THIS PROGRAM ENDED, AND WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK. 


Noble says, “Whenever we purchase something that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to, we can return it and expect our money back. These smart meters were purported to be safe, just as safe as the old analogs. But they aren’t and now we have proof from a completely independent source – a Texas court. Bill Bennett needs to stop this program, recall the smart meters, demand that analogs be put back in place, and send ITRON the bill.”’


Certainly ITRON knew long ago that these meters were cheaply made with flaws that could cause the meters to fail catastrophically. They should have warned us – it should not be up to us to have to fight to protect our homes. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK.


Sharon Noble

From: X
Sent: June 26, 2015 7:19 PM
To: DObee@tc.canwest.com; letters@timescolonist.com
Subject: CORRECTION re: Pointing out errors in your editorial of cell phone radiation

Dear Mr. Obee
Editor Times-Colonist;

Please regard this copy of my letter as the one that is correct.  In the second to last paragraph I incorrectly used the word ‘dearth’, only later, upon reflection, to realize that was the exact opposite of what I meant to say.   The entire letter (corrected, is copied below, with the error highlighted:

Dear Mr. Obee
Editor, Times-Colonist;

Thank-you for running the story about the hazards of cell phones, which are only one aspect of the EM (electro-magnetic radiation) problem that has been described by many reputable, un-compromised scientists, worldwide, as the greatest threat to living organisms on earth in the entire history of mankind.  A large number of scientists have recently banded together and petitioned the U.N. and the W.H.O. to investigate this problem and make an updated ruling on it.

There have been numerous studies since the 1950’s which show that the range of frequencies used by cell phones (and most other electronic devices embraced by the unsuspecting public) are harmful to living organisms.  Many of these studies were done by the now defunct Soviet Union, which used these frequencies as a weapon to bombard the US Embassy in Moscow and which resulted in a number of documented cases of cancers among the staff employed there.

So, it is untrue for you to state that there has not yet been a ‘long term’ in the effects of these EM frequencies.  These effects have been documented since the 1950’s.

The WHO has claimed that numerous studies have been done to assess the dangers, but the WHO has ‘cherry-picked’ these studies so as not to cause problems for, or threaten the profits of, the financially powerful electronics manufacturing sector; there are also numerous studies documenting the harm, having been done worldwide, by uncompromised scientists, who are dissimilar in moral standards to the long discredited ‘tobacco scientists’ as well as the ‘asbestos’ and ‘Thalidomide’ scientists.

These reputable scientist’s studies have shown that there are, indeed, numerous adverse health effects (including damage to DNA) caused by the non-thermal pulsed microwave radiation emitted by these devices. The damage done may not be as serious as that done by x-rays and gamma rays but is very serious nonetheless, resulting in many of the modern day serious illnesses that are plaguing humanity (not to mentioned all the other life-forms which are also, undoubtedly, suffering).

It is incorrect for you to imply that few scientists and health experts consider this to be an urgent problem – it is the most urgent.  It’s just that these scientist have not won the ‘favour’ of the all-powerful corporate lobby, including the media, and are a threat to maximum profits, so they are ignored.

It is also incorrect, and morally reprehensible for you to, at this point in your editorial, divert attention from the issue by leading the focus away from the issue under discussion and assigning other threats to planet earth and it inhabitants greater importance than the threat from EMF radiation.  It can be, and has been measured, and has been shown to be the greatest threat of all time, but not by the ‘bought and paid for’ morally degenerate scientists, who are so widely publicized and pandered to because it is good for business.

In the last paragraph of your editorial you once again strike a blow against truth by implying that there is no solid science showing the harmful effects of EMF and that there is a lack of ‘disinterested science’, while in fact there is a dearth (correction: a large number of studies) of it, if you would just stop parroting all the disinformation that abounds out there, and being a pawn of the ‘war on science’, as you put it.

You have, most probably, received letters or emails from Jerry Flynn, of Bowser B.C., who is an expert in the field as a result of his being a retired Captain, of 26 years, from the Canadian military, who job/expertise it was to work with, oversee, and direct the use of these very same frequencies as a weapon of war.   I would respectfully suggest you review his letters, do more honest research, and adjust your editorials so that your readership is not misinformed.

Yours sincerely,


Newsletter by Sharon Noble

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