2015-06-27 FCC collusion with industry exposed


  • A request for help from someone from Quebec. If you can help, please respond to her directly:

 I am from Quebec, and a family member is very ill with cancer, in North Vancouver. I was wondering if you would know of a place where I could stay for a few days in North Van or in its vicinity, either during the week of July 13th, or later on at some point in the next few months. I am electrohypersensitive (my family member’s home is full of sources of RF/microwaves and I had severe EHS symptoms when I stayed there last summer, visiting this person). A place where the EMF is very low (like no smart meter, no wi-fi Internet, no wireless phones). Thanks a lot. My email is : vadeboncoeur.helene@gmail.com


  • The videos and powerpoints from the Conference in Belgium last month are now available. Much information about EHS, symptoms, etc. from experts on the topic.

Environmental idiopathic intolerance : what role for EMFs and multiple chemicals?



Here is an article summarizing much of the material covered by the conference.  Of special note to those who are sensitive is info. from Dr. Belpomme about supplements, etc. that many have found to help significantly.



  • The FCC in the US is comparable in many ways to Ind. Canada in that it sets policies for wireless devices, cell tower siting, etc. Ind. Can. often quotes the FCC as its justification for doing anything. For example Ind. Can. is following the FCC policies for smeters and emission testing (or not). FCC is highly influenced by the industry, and is Industry Canada,  and, as a result, our health and safety is being sold down the road. Please read the excerpts at least. This is a very important document that should be shared widely, especially to those who believe the government is protecting us.

An Exposé of the FCC: An Agency Captured by the Industries it Regulates

Alster, Norm. Captured agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is dominated by the industries it presumably regulates.  Cambridge, MA:  Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University.  2015. PDF: http://bit.ly/FCCcaptured  Kindle: http://amzn.to/1SQThCU


This exposé provides insight into how the FCC became a victim of regulatory capture by industry and the implications of these corrupting influences for our health and safety, our privacy, and our wallets.

This 59-page book concludes with a series of recommendations by its author, Norm Alster, an investigative journalist, who has written for the New York TimesForbesBusiness Week, and Investor’s Business Daily.  He wrote this book while serving as a journalism fellow with the Investigative Journalism Project at Harvard University.

Following are some excerpts that pertain to the wireless radiation industry and its corrupting influences on the FCC. I encourage you to read Mr. Alster’s entire treatise.

Excerpts from the book: http://bit.ly/FCCexposed

Health Canada received 5 complaints about hoodies and tops with elastic drawstrings that can snap and hurt someone’s face – there is a total recall. After who-knows-how-many (because no one is keeping track!) Smart meter failures and fires, these Smart meters must be recalled. The Canadian Consumer Affairs will not handle because the meters belong to a utility and are not, therefore, consumer products. Lives are being jeopardized, property being put at risk. http://bc.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=643821


If these photos don’t call for a recall of the smart meters, then what does?

5)  People in French Creek are rightly concerned about Telus putting a cell tower in the middle of residential area. Please comment.





From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: June 26, 2015 1:09 PM
Subject: ITRON’s defective smart meters — refund should be demanded

Dear Ms. Bellringer,


Attached for your information, under “Reed Answering Brief” is a legal document containing testimony from a long-time utility linesman in which he describes the many failures and fires caused at homes and businesses in Texas by 2 brands of smart meters, Landis & Gyr and ITRON Openway. The ITRON Openway is the same model installed on our homes by both BC Hydro and Fortis BC.  He describes there being “palettes” of burned ITRON meters in Centerpoint Energy’s (the Houston utility) shop. The cause of the fires are considered to be, in part at least, design flaws.


As I described in the letter I sent to Energy Minister Bill Bennett (attached as the Smart Meter Safety Risks), the bases into which these meters are being installed were not designed or certified by CSA to hold anything except the analog meter. In Texas the problem that caused many of the fires is that the smart meters do not fit properly. The blades of this electronic meter are thinner than those of the analog it replaced, leaving a gap which can cause arcing and fires.


I know that there have been many failures and fires in BC due to the smart meter, although BC Hydro is doing its best to prevent such information from being made available. Meters are being removed from the scene of fires before inspection, despite the BC Safety Standards Act, section 36, saying this is not allowed.  BC Hydro admits that they are doing no inspection to determine the cause of the failures, so no reports are available.


Ms. Bellringer, our homes and properties are being put at risk and there is no authority taking responsibility or that has authority for oversight. The BCUC has been mandated via the Clean Energy Act and Direction 4 (order in council) to not get involved in any aspect of the smart meter program except rate setting, not even safety issues. The BC Safety Authority told me they were told not to interfere in the smart meter program.


There is evidence that the ITRON meter that BC Hydro and Fortis BC have been sold is defective, dangerous and not performing the way ITRON promised. ITRON has been installing these meters in different jurisdictions for many years, long before the contract with Hydro was signed. They had to know there were problems, yet they still sold them and are still selling them.

I ask you, please, as auditor general to have an in-depth independent investigation of this program. We have been sold a bill of goods with a very high price tag that could include loss of lives and property (which I believe is included already.)

ITRON should have to refund the costs that BC Hydro and Fortis BC have incurred, and be made to remove the smart meters, replacing them with safe, dependable analog meters – at their cost.

Should you require information about anything that I’ve said or provided, please let me know.

Yours truly,

Sharon Noble


Newsletter by Sharon Noble

 Cartoon - Weve come to install your SM



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