2015-06-14 Microgrids, the way to cut the connection with Hydro


  • Experts like Timothy Schoechle have recommended that microgrids be built, owned and run by communities or neighbourhoods to protect against cyberattacks, and to be able to use renewable energy sources. The push is beginning but the utility companies that have enjoyed having full control as monopolies, even though microgrids are the future.



  • An opinion piece in the Kelowna Daily Courier was written by Blythe Nilson is an associate professor of biology at UBC Okanagan and advisory fellow of the Centre For Inquiry Okanagan.   One of the most ignorant people who has been allowed to capture an entire column in a newspaper,  what she says is absolutely ridiculous.   How can an educated person know so little about radio waves as to believe that a toaster emits radiation?   Could it be that she has a conflict of interest and is deliberately attempting to mislead?  You can comment by writing to the editor at letters@ok.bc.ca


“Radio waves from many sources pass through you and your loved ones without harm. If you fly to Vancouver, call a friend on a smart phone, watch an episode of Archer or use a toaster, you absorb more radio waves than you will get from your smart meter in a year. They transmit for less than two minutes a day.”



  • Do you own all of your car, your new TV, or anything else that has a chip of any sort? Some companies are saying no. Could this mean that we cannot remove a zigbee chip, or disable a device that tracks our movements?

 “We’re talking here about copyright law and you say, “What does copyright law have to do with our things?” Well, the moment you put a computer chip inside of the physical thing, whether it’s a toaster or a phone or anything else, the moment you have that computer chip, now you have software. So rather than the traditional rules that regulate property, now you have intellectual property rules which are completely unintuitive and say all kinds of things like it’s not legal to break a digital lock. But it’s completely legal to pick a lock on something that you own. So if you have something like a tablet and you want to install an app that isn’t in the Apple app store, it’s not necessarily legal for you to do that.”




  • A Florida court has ruled it illegal to go off the grid. A strong lady continues the battle.



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