2015-06-24 Pre-pay meters coming to North America


  • Please take a minute to sign this petition to have a Telus cell tower relocated away from a daycare centre at the University of Calgary,



  • A really happy story from a member:

Hello Sharon , a happy story, Last week we went away camping ,Our analog meter was due to be read so I left it unlocked with a note to lock up after the reading .  we got home to a message from bc hydro saying they were coming to do a meter change and wanted to make sure they had access . I thought the worst and ran down to the box ,they had locked  it up ,     THEY had put another analog meter in.   a real surprise!!  Now How do we get rid of the legacy charge? ,    My bills work out to be $1 a day for power and $2 a day for meter charges ,   the meter charges are twice as much as the power we use ?   Thanx, X,still an analog holder


  • First Net, the same cell tower system for first responders that the LA firemen fought when installation was planned on their buildings seems to be destined for Canada. From what some of the Coalition techies have been able to find, the system is very similar to the TETRA system used in the UK, which Barrie Trower fought so hard.


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs6dX5QJKCM  and http://www.tetrawatch.net/tetra/trower.php


  • A reminder that you should not use wireless devices right before you go to bed (or really you shouldn’t use them at all), and even computer screens can cause problems. You can get a red filter (https://justgetflux.com/ ) that will filter out the color that can affect your sleep. Never have wireless devices in your sleeping area – this includes cell or cordless phones.



  • In Georgia, they are installing pre-pay $mart meters. I guess when the money runs out, the remote disconnect switch cuts the power off.

“Georgia Power relied on smart meters to offer the pre-pay service, which features a remote connect/disconnect switch that allows customers to opt out should they wish to do so.”



Think of the money saved by the utility – no more billing, no more outstanding bills. “Extra value for the customer”!

 “This new technology allows customers to be continuously informed of their account status and enables them to pay for their electricity on a schedule which best fits their needs.” 



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