2015-06-29 We need to start thinking a ITRON’s misrepresentations.

1) For those who have BC Hydro E-Plus service, from a member. His letter to BC Hydro is below:

This is a program dating from 1987-1990, when BC Hydro was looking to sell some of its surplus power through a program that offered homeowners and business a special low rate for electricity used to heat homes and buildings, provided they could have an alternative way of heating should Hydro ever have to stop the program due to electricity shortage. Many people who took them up on this program invested rather heavily to be sure to have a backup source of heat. Now Hydro is considering ending the program which would force all these people to pay regular rates for their electric heat, or find alternative ways to heat.

This whole matter is probably of little interest to the average Coalition member, unless they too are E-Plus customers. If so, they have until tomorrow to let Hydro know of their views of the proposed has-out. More info is available at:


2) Massachusetts residents have submitted a fraud complaint to the MA Attorney General and the Legislative Oversight Committee regarding the MA DPU smart meter mandate. Just as in BC, the meter company mislead the public and the utility, hid the truth about known dangers, and allowed meters known to be fire-prone to be put on homes.    Just look at the letters telling us that there are only 4 signals a day, just a few seconds of emissions as one example of misinformation. We should start cataloguing the many things that we were told in letters and in meetings that were not true or accurate.

Anyone want to work on this?

Recognition is dawning that the environmental and health consequences of technologies being deployed ostensibly to address the health and environmental consequences of fossil fuels are driven by the market, with no true regard for the environment or health….
Stretching the truth a little bit becomes habitual lying, which eventually defines the character of a City, Commonwealth, or country, unless enough individuals help to restore impeccable grace and justice. Worcester is the place, and the time is now.


3) A letter from Pennsylvania that summarizes, I think, what is happening everywhere. Because of the lack of media coverage and the inability for people to connect with those of us fighting this mandated program, we don’t really know what is going on. I suspect that the problem in BC with fires, failures, damages is far worse than we know or even suspect.    Please, if you hear of anything, even hear of a fire that sounds suspicious, find out what you can. Get to the fire scene as quickly as you can and take photos of the smart meter area, hopefully before BC Hydro takes the meter. Talk to the victims and tell them what you know.


4) I don’t know why the Vancouver Sun has not published any of the excellent letters that were written in response to the article immediately after the HESA report was released.


If you remember, that article quoted people like an electrical engineer (not a biologist or a bioengineer) and one with close ties to the industry who said RF radiation is safe.   No expert who has done research on RF radiation was interviewed and the article was skewed toward the status quo and making people believe there is no evidence of harm. Now another opinion piece saying the same thing. Why is the media so one-sided? Why do they refuse to allow information to reach their readers about the science that is there? I hope you will comment – maybe with an avalanche of letters they will publish one!

[Abbotsford, BC] Saturday, June 27: Wi-Fi, cells no threat to health by Stan Kazmiruk – The Vancouver Sun – June 26, 2015:
– http://www.vancouversun.com/opinion/letters/cells+threat+health/11170683/story.html

(Please Comment & – http://www.vancouversun.com/about-vancouver-sun/contactus.html)

If you need to refresh your memory about what is in the HESA report, you’ll find it at the bottom of the recommendations:


5) Any beekeepers out there?   Please, write to these people and tell them about the many studies showing what RF can do to bees and their hives. If you need studies, let me know. They are here:




June 27, 2015

BC Hydro Customer Service
P.O. Box 9501 Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC  V6B 4N1

BCH Acc’t No. XXX

BC Hydro Customer Service:

Another billing period, another “legacy fee” extortion, and another threatening letter. This one is dated June 22, 2015, and is demanding that I pay the $64.80 fee for the months of February and March, plus taxes, plus account charges of $3.12, for a total of $71.16. If I don’t pay up, I risk having my power disconnected. Such coercion!

As you are well aware, I deeply and strongly oppose your charging me this horrid fee of $32.40 plus tax every month in order to retain my analogue meter. And as you are no doubt well aware, growing numbers of people around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about so-called “smart” meters, and want nothing to do with them. It has been well documented that these radio-transmitting devices are dangerous to human health and the health of the environment. They are fire prone. They are insecure and easily hackable. They collect personal and private data without owners’ consent, data which may be very profitably sold to third party interests, especially marketing agencies.

As you also know, so-called safety limits for exposure to wireless frequencies are set by Health Canada. This past month, Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health (HESA) concluded its review of and investigation into the way that Health Canada establishes and reviews these limits, and concluded that the regulations and the review process are fraught with problems. Last week HESA’s final report and recommendations to the government of Canada were tabled in the House of Commons, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes common public knowledge what many of us have been insisting for years: wireless exposure limits are woefully inadequate, and many of us suffer from electrohypersensitivity, or worse, because of this.

Yet BC Hydro continues to try to bully smart meter holdouts into accepting one. You fail to accommodate the legitimate health concerns of people with hypersensitivity and sensitive medical apparati that can be disrupted by wireless frequencies. And you charge an exorbitant “fee” to opt out of your dangerous “smart” program. You are grossly negligent in this behaviour!

This past week testimony from a lawsuit (see attachment below) in Texas in which Oncor Electric is charged with covering up its knowledge of the fire dangers associated with its Itron Openway smart meters (the same kind being installed by BCH). The testimony is damning, and there is little doubt that these meters are a dangerous fire hazard. BCH continues to deny any fire dangers with their meters, despite a growing list of fires in BC linked to them. You are grossly negligent, if not criminal in this behaviour!

The only reason I am sending you the enclosed cheque for the supposed amount owing is because, like most people, I cannot live without electric power. In a modern society it is an indispensable and essential need. Do not assume that by paying this fee I am agreeing to your “meter choices” program. This is NOT a choice – I do it only under duress and with extreme reluctance.



From: X
Sent: June 29, 2015
To: BC Hydro
Cc: greg.reimer@bchydro.com <mailto:greg.reimer@bchydro.com> ; janet.fraser@bchydro.com <mailto:janet.fraser@bchydro.com> ; Patrick.Wruck@bcuc.com <mailto:Patrick.Wruck@bcuc.com> ; bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca <mailto:bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca> ; Dix.MLA, Adrian
Subject: E-Plus RDA

Dear Mr. Anderson,

As General Manager of Customer Relations, I am writing you with my thoughts on the upcoming RDA over the E-Plus rate, and ask you to forward them to the appropriate department within BC Hydro. As an E-Plus homeowner, I have completed Hydro’s online form to register my input about this RDA, but was left insufficient space to detail all my reasons for the stance I have taken. The deadline for such feedback about this RDA is tomorrow (June 30) – hence my email to you today.

As indicated in the online response form, I am in favour of Option 1 – maintain the E-Plus rate. Here are my reasons (which I was not able to fully articulate on the online tool).

1. The E-Plus agreement with BC Hydro was entered by homeowners in good faith, and that original agreement did not provide for termination of the program by BC Hydro. In its 2007 RDA application, this original agreement was largely upheld BCUC. Phasing out the rate now would be a contravention of both the original and the revised 2007 agreement.

2. When my wife and I purchased our home in 2000, one of the factors we did so was because it came with E-Plus. We paid a premium in the purchase price for this feature, as it was a valued asset at the time. Since then, we have made several investments in our home to remain qualified for the program, and to enhance its effectiveness. For example, we spent $3500 on a new state-of-the-art catalytic wood stove and a new chimney liner. In addition to greatly improved thermal efficiency, this new stove puts out extremely low emissions, including particulates, and is much less environmentally impactful. We installed a similar fireplace insert for an additional $3000. Were it not for the E-Plus program, we likely would not have purchased this home, nor would we have made the investments in wood back-up.

3. According to your own statistics*, 85% of E-Plus customers are over 55 years of age. Many of these folks, like myself, are likely retired, and most of them, again like myself, will be on a fixed income. Ending the E-Plus rate would have a significant negative financial impact on us, either through paying higher hydro rates or for conversion to alternate heating systems. In my case, there is no economical alternative available, other than burning wood. Though wood is a great back up, in today’s world it is a relatively poor primary heating source for comfortable heating of many modern homes. Natural gas is not available in my area, oil is too polluting and dirty, and propane would require a costly – and unaffordable for me – retrofit. If our home had not had E-Plus, we probably would have converted to propane when we were both still working (although as pointed out in my point #3, we probably would not have purchased this home). In short, I am dependent on the continuation of the E-Plus program to keep within my limited and fixed income.

4. Since the E-Plus program is no longer available, and since 2007 it is no longer transferrable, there are no new customers. All its customers are aging – and the large majority of them are seniors already. This means that the number of homes on the program is less each year, and it will gradually die a “natural death” of itself within 20-25 years (your own estimate*). This obviates any necessity to phase out the program, since it is already doing this of its own accord.

5. By BC Hydro’s own admission*, the small number of households on the program (about 8000) means that E-Plus does not significantly impact power supply or costs in BC. Why, then, the push for an RDA? Of what value or purpose is there to this, especially given the considerable financial burden this would place on many of its customers?

I sincerely hope that BC Hydro is sensitive to its E-Plus customers, and withdraws its plans to phase out the program. Based on your own data* there does not seem to be a very strong business case for phasing out E-Plus, especially given the hardship it would place on many aging customers.

Thank you for considering my input to this important matter. And thank you for forwarding this email to parties concerned within BC Hydro.



*data taken from BC Hydro 2015 Rate Design Application (E-Plus Rate) Q&A newsletter, dated March 31, 2015 (v.2)


From: XX
Sent: June-28-15
To: ‘bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca’
Subject: smeters

Hello Mr. Bennett,

It would be a wonderful thing if you elected People would listen to us the people who elected You, not the corporations who have you in their pocket, because they control us, not democracy.

It would be a wonderful thing if we could go back to democracy. Also remember who pays your wages. We the average person pay more % in taxes than the corporations do, most people don’t know this.

Also I like to have a system in place which would hold any elected official personally liable if he or she goes against the wishes of us the people.


Sharon Noble

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