2015-06-08 Paris Appeal addresses EHS

  • A short video of the press conference at the Paris Appeal in May, regarding EHS and, especially, exposure to children via wifi in school.  Please share with teachers, school boards, and other parents.



  • Veronica, the owner of the home in Collingwood, Ont. where the meter exploded last week, was told even as the utility company was removing the remains of the smart meter that her base was the cause of the problem – exactly as Hydro and every other utility company is programmed to tell their customers.  She sent me this today, with a link to an article that contains, on the right hand side a MP3 interview with the VP of the utility, in which he denies the smart meter exploded, saying it “only” melted. Also he is trying to reassure Collus customers that the Sensus meter that burned on her home is not the same model that was recalled in Sask. This is supposed to make people feel good? That another model is also a problem?? I am being interviewed by the same person, Jeff McArthur, who interviewed Veronica, and hopefully will be able to tell what I have found/learned about the problems with our smart meters.


According to this VP our smart meter only melted rather than exploded. Of course he was not here to see the ball  of fire that I saw nor did he see the flames up the side of our house near our gas line. Neither Collus nor the Fire Department has been here to examine the base that they attached the smart meter to so am not sure how they can determine that heat was coming from below the meter or that the “issue” came from the base rather than the meter. Collus was responsible for the installation of the meter  as well as being the buyer and owner of the meter. Shouldn’t they be responsible for proper and safe installation of their own equipment???? Furthermore, Larry Irwin told my husband on the phone on Friday, June 5th, 2015 that he would not know the cause of the fire until the investigation was complete yet in this interview he claims results of the investigation show a melt rather than an explosion. Which is the truth and which isn’t?


 http://www.bayshorebroadcasting.ca/news_item.php?NewsID=75475Smart Meter Explodes

  • From a few weeks back, an excellent article in the Winnipeg Free Press about cell towers, the need for strong municipal involvement and the realization that we shouldn’t be slaves to Safety Code 6.




  • A few weeks ago, Berkeley, Calif. passed a resolution to require information about the potential dangers associated with cell phones to be easily available to people when they make their purchase. As expected (and already) the industry is suing the city, claiming the companies’ right to freedom of speech is being infringed upon. This bill is like the one Ontario MP Terence Young is trying to get debated in Parliament, and is just like the label on tobacco products. People have a right to know. A Harvard law prof. is defending Berkeley on a pro bono basis. This could be big. You can read the companies’ charge against Berkeley at:



  • 3 of California’s largest utility companies are implementing time of use (TOU) billing. This means that prices are higher during the peak hours of the day. Those at home with young families, or because of disability or age will pay much more for their power. Notice that one way that customers are told they can reduce bills is by getting “Smart” appliances that can be controlled or with timers – also with invasive zigbee chips and radiation. BC Hydro has the infrastructure for TOU already. I suspect FortisBC does too because this is one the benefits to the utility companies.

With a shift to time-of-use (TOU) pricing, customers are encouraged to change the timing of their electricity use, lowering their bills while also providing benefits to the utility company by reducing peak load. Most importantly, the technologies to enable this load shifting are low-cost and widely available today. Shifting loads from peak to off-peak, low-cost times could be accomplished by precooling a home to avoid running an air conditioner during grid peak periods, or using the large storage tank in your water heater to heat water only at night, all with no disruption to comfort or service quality.

Combined with load shifting, TOU pricing can benefit customers by empowering them to reduce their bills with technology-enabled, seamless control technologies that can avoid energy use during expensive peak hours.



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