2015-06-13 In a Quebec town, residents chased Telus away

  • In Quebec, residents chased Telus away when it tried to install what appears to be a microcell on poles outside homes. Good for them. We need to do the same. Cell towers and microcells are being installed across the province, much to support the $mart grid. Keep an eye out, stop them. Get an antenna siting consultation policy in place, a tough one – much tougher than the one the Federation of Canadian Municipalities wrote in conjunction with the Cellular Telephone Industries Association (CTIA).



  • There has been a push for quite some time now to do away with landlines for phones. Despite the fact that not everyone has or wants a cell phone, that cell phones are subject to electrical outages, etc, new homes are being built without corded access. Now in the US some companies seem to be “killing the copper” because wireless is cheaper to maintain. What happens in a storm when the cell tower blows down, or electricity is out and people need to get emergency service?


  • A new health and wellness centre where health practitioners will be educated is being planned for Camosun College in Victoria. A member sent in info. about it, which I’ve put in the letters section. There is a survey which allows the public to give input about things like EHS, health effects of exposure to RF radiation. Please consider completing it.


  • A humorous letter written to Hydro One in Ontario, but it easily could have been written to BC Hydro– another incompetent, unreasonable monopoly.




  • In the UK the financial experts are advising to scrap the $$tupid program:

In March a report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) also warned that the government’s rollout of smart meters should be “halted, altered or scrapped” to avoid a potentially catastrophic government IT disaster.

It described the scheme as “unwanted by consumers, over-engineered and mind-blowingly expensive.”





To local newspapers by a member.

Dear Editor

It seems like only yesterday (40-50 years ago) parents were warned that sitting too close to a television set was harmful for children; and only yesterday (60 years ago) US forces, when testing atom bombs in the Bikini Atoll, told locals it was for the betterment of humanity (see the film Atomic Café). In US tests, troops were told to run towards the explosion for radiation was the least of their concerns. Meanwhile North Americans were advised to ‘duck and cover’.

Three days ago I received a kindly message from Fortis BC to get in touch with them – a curtesy call. You see, EMF-emitting Smart Meters are being installed in the Boundary this summer.

Again, it seems like only yesterday (20 years ago) we were being warned of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) and their affects upon our health. After many scientific papers and non-industry-funded studies that provide enough research to indicate Smart Meters are a hazard to health, suppliers of electricity seemingly do not wish to listen. See the “International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations,” May 22, 2015 (http://emfscientist.org/index.php/emf-scientist-appeal ); and “Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation” (https://maisonsaine.ca/sante-et-securite/electrosmog/smart-meters-correcting-gross-misinformation.html ).


Of course, Fortis BC will refute the information and did when I wrote them or returned their call. Last year I was sent the Fortis BC information package, stating: electricity rates will be less (not true according to some), that the analogue meters require replacement due to new Measurement Canada guidelines (also not true – according to others the analogues are fine), will provide customers with more detailed electricity use information, that the emissions (24/7) are minimal (research shows otherwise) and most importantly, will reduce the cost of operating the utility (fewer meter readers etc.).

Health effects of EMFs include sleep disorders, malfunction of the parathyroid gland, electro-hypersensitivity, biochemical changes, dementia, decreased memory, male infertility, immune dysfunction, childhood learning and behavioral impairments – and cancer (the World Health Organization has classified EMF-producing wireless devices as possibly cancer-causing).

Like the natives of Bikini Atoll we are being held hostage. Even with protest, the corporation of Fortis BC is continuing installations. Customers wishing to opt out of the ‘turned on’ EMF bombardment are required to pay extra charges. Don’t get me wrong, I am really grateful for electricity. I just don’t like the idea of being bullied into a situation I personally feel is not good for my health and my privacy.

My concern, as mentioned in the above research, is the long term effect – the consequences for our health and well-being.

 Post Script: The contractor for Fortis BC was just here, to change the meter. I have refused. According to the contractor I have no choice, but I gather I’m allowed to refuse three times, then Fortis will come and, without notice, cut off the service. So much for freedom of choice. It doesn’t seem to exist.




Camosun College Survey – From a member:

For anybody who may feel so inclined, Camosun College in Victoria is seeking community input on the vision of its future Centre for Health and Wellness. I think we would be remiss if we didn’t speak up about our RF concerns, just to at least get them talking.

This will be a huge new facility where many, many future health care practitioners will receive training and education. “To better prepare the health and wellness workers of the future, interdisciplinary training models that emphasize wellness-based, holistic, team approaches are needed to prepare health workers for integrated models of service delivery and care.”

As well, there is a general survey here:

They need to hear from more concerned folks on issues around RF in regards to technology (“smart”-beds, wireless training dummies, communication systems, multiple Wi-Fi signals, etc.), both IN the training facilities as well as in the actual healthcare facilities. They need to hear about the EHS segment of the population and the difficulties they face.

This is an opportune time to bring up the need for our present and future health care practitioners to receive training in this new and concerning health issue.

Of course we know DARN WELL that when it comes to the fundraising part of this project, the TELECOMS will likely step up big time … as they always seem to do. So consequently, there will be no shortage of counter-arguments from that side, weighted considerably by donation dollars. So as usual, it will be an uphill battle … but what else is new? 🙂

Thanks for anything you can contribute!


Newsletter by Sharon Noble

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