2015-06-10 Formal complaint made against Perry Kendall

  • Just How “Smart” Are Smart Meters?

Risks of fires & explosions are bringing smart meters into an urgent focus.

http://www.higherjourneys.com/just-how-smart-are-smart-meters/  (one minor correction, and I have notified the author. The exploding meters in Ontario in 2013 were in Forest, Ontario, not Standard).


  • In an update a few days ago I sent a short video of a press conference with the members of the Paris Appeal, a conference held in May to discuss EHS. I asked if there would be videos available of the formal presentations and was told that there would be soon, but until then we can read the presentations at:



  • More regarding the Collingwood smart meter fire.

Collus, Electrical Safety Authority probe Collingwood smart meter fire by Ian Adams – Collingwood Connection – June 09, 2015:


  • Attached is a letter I wrote to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, a formal complaint against our Provincial Medical Officer, Perry Kendall. I believe we have enough evidence to support charging that he has failed to fulfill his role as a doctor, for ignoring his duty, as a public health doctor, to protect the public. I have yet to receive a response to this letter, written May 28.

 Click here to read the letter to College of Physicians & Surgeons

  • Sam Milham, acknowledged as “The” expert on dirty electricity, was interviewed recently when he was in BC. Please note, the title of this article is wrong. He will not be presenting on June 12, or, unfortunately, any time.




Smart meters are expensive and dangerous to health:



An email from a member:


“I have sent in my Class Action Participation Forms Residential and Commercial.  Maybe I missed one of your e-mails, and you wrote about this.   Today after having had the New Smart Meters for about three months, a meter reader came saying he had to check the meters.  He came with a lap top and a thick cord that connected to the meters or read them. I questioned him on this , and talked about the meters and that they didn’t really save money etc. He said they should have stayed with the old system. I asked again when he was finished.  He said well they are not really working well and we have to read them every two months like we did before!?  So there you go..”

 And we have to pay $32.40 for extra services that we aren’t getting. For extra costs that Hydro is not incurring. It’s robbery based on lies.


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