2015-06-06 Ontario Elect. Safety Authority investigating smeters. Why isn’t this happening in BC, too?

1)   An excellent interview with the Collingwood, Ont. homeowner whose $$meter caught fire last weekend. Several other people called in to report similar incidents on their homes. Hopefully this will raise awareness in Ontario to get someone investigating fires there. We know they are happening in BC but we can’t get answers without hard digging. The same thing is happening everywhere. We need to have a concerted effort to get these fire hazards removed from every home.



2)   Attached is a template (Letter to BCUC)  a member prepared for Fortis customers to send in requesting removal of $meters from home. A separate one is attached applicable to BC Hydro customers. It’s time we all combined our efforts and sent emails (or letters, which are harder to “delete” ) to the officials copied, and others, like your MLA, if you so feel.


3)   The electrical grid (which is international between the US and Canada) is very vulnerable to security attacks, as the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security have been warning for years. As components become wireless, the vulnerability increases. Remember for CIA director James Woolsey’s warning, that when, not if, an cybersecurity attack brings the entire grid down, we will be back in the dark ages for many months or longer. Billions of $$ will have to be spent to protect the grid, and this will include money from our pockets to protect this $mart program in BC.




4)   The premier of Ontario said that the Electrical Safety Authority is looking into the $meter problem after the Collingwood fire, for any “systemic” problem, whatever that means. That is more than Christy Clark has done here after how many fires, failures, explosions?




5)   Community groups are spreading the word in the Fortis area.

Smart Meters: Misc. Info. – Anarchist Mountain Community Society – June 05, 2015:
– http://anarchistmountaincommunitysociety.com/2015/06/05/smart-meters-misc-info/


Letter to BCUC and  BC Government – Template re. Hydro smart meter removal June 2015

Template re. Hydro smart meter removal June 2015

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