2015-06-21 Hydro still lying about safety of smart meters

  • More misleading statements by BC Hydro’s Ted Olynyk. I hope you will refute, as I have in a letter below.



  • Last week when the Parliamentary subcommittee released its report and recommendations regarding Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, there were articles in most major newspapers that were biased and inaccurate, seeming to have been written by the industry.  Attached is a response by Frank Clegg, former president of Canada’s Microsoft, who is now fighting to have tighter regulations regarding microwave radiation emitted by wireless devices, to an article published in Vancouver Sun. This reporter was irresponsible in not speaking with real experts or researching those whom he quoted.


  Read Letter from Frank Clegg of C4ST to Vancouver Sun editors re:   HSEA report

  • The Privacy Commissioner says that the government and agencies must be for forthcoming with information under the Freedom of Information Act.  Doubt this will change Hydro’s practice of refusing to provide answers to questions by using Section 22 which is to protect personal information of third parties. When I ask about Hydro equipment that has failed, burned, and/or caused fires the answer is always the same: “Section 22 prohibits Hydro from releasing personal info to a 3rd” What personal information?  How is speaking to their faulty equipment invading anyone’s privacy except Hydro’s or ITRON’s??

At issue was a common practice by public bodies responding freedom of information (FOI) requests to withhold parts of records when those sections are deemed “out of scope” or “non-responsive” to the wording of the request.

“They don’t even point to a section of the act,” Gogolek said. “It’s entirely discretionary and open to abuse. You have no idea what the real reasoning is.”

Public bodies will now have to release records in their entirety, unless they can justify withholding information for reasons outlined in section two of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.




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Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 7:36 AM
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Subject: Smart Meter Coverage


I just watched the news story about the town hall meeting to raise awareness of the potential problems with smart meter technology.  Excuse me a moment while I go throw up.  It makes me sick to my stomach to see Fortis making these false statements and it makes me angry to see your station repeat them without any follow up or investigative reporting.  Your station is being used as a propaganda vehicle for Fortis and you either don’t see it or you don’t care.  Which one is it?  Please refer to the letter sent to you recently by Sharon Noble  and do a follow up story on this topic where you actually ask Fortis to account for its statements instead of regurgitating their lies.

Thank you,



From: Dennis and Sharon Noble [mailto:dsnoble@shaw.ca]
Sent: June 21, 2015 2:56 PM
Subject: BC Hydro’s smart meters are not safe

Dear Mr. Currie

 Re. http://www.avtimes.net/bc-hydro-smart-meters-are-safe-well-tested-1.1973956

 Mr. Olynyk and BC Hydro keep telling everyone that the ITRON smart meters are well tested and safe. Reality does not match this statement.

First, the implication that Measurement Canada tests meters for safety is untrue and deliberately misleading. Measurement Canada tests only for accuracy.

Second, the BC Safety Standards Act (section 21) exempts Hydro equipment from being certified safe by CSA on the condition that a professional electrical engineer licensed in BC certifies the equipment to be safe. We have asked for this certification and Hydro said they do not have it. The American National Standards Institute, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers are professional groups affiliated with the industry whose certifications do not satisfy the requirements of the BC Safety Standards Act.

ITRON meters have overheated, melted and burned in BC, and in a Texas court case testimony included the fact that many ITRON meters, the same model installed in BC homes, have failed and caused fires. These meters have a lithium metal battery that can explode when overheated (like in the summer sun) or when exposed to moisture (like condensation). There are others design flaws that can and do  make these devices fire hazards that should not be on our homes.

When are BC Hydro and this government going to start telling the public the truth about these meters? Why aren’t they?


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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