Newsletters 2015-02 – Feb

2015-02-01  – A digital 9/11

2015-02-02 – Our pollinators are being seriously endangered by RF.

2015-02-03  – New youtube re. US wargames planned for Olympic Peninsula

2015-02-04 – Bennett agrees to give more authority to BCUC (to set rates!?)

2015-02-05 – Many fabulous letters in the Qualicum Beach/Parksville newspaper today!!

2015-02-06  – Person responsible for EHS vote failing in Europe outed for having bias

2015-02-07 – Smart Meters will not help prevent outages or to report them faster

2015-02-08  – BC Hydro says it is not testing failed Smart meters.

2015-02-09  – Here is the EHS form for the survey

2015-02-10  – The hum

2015-02-11  – Two important letters


2015-02-15 – Another study showing RF can damage sperm

2015-02-16   – BC Hydro continues to refuse to provide information

2015-02-17 – Taiwan and France pass laws protecting children from wifi

2015-02-18 – UK member of European committee called for undisclosed conflict of interest

2015-02-19  – BC Hydro offering monitors — a new way to hack into your personal info.

2015-02-20  – BC Hydro’s costs for Smart Meter program highest in North America

2015-02-21 – Environmental groups co-opted by industry. Smart meters contribute nothing green!

2015-02-22 – Lloyd’s waiver applies to every policy re. non-ionizing radiation exposure

2015-02-23 – Interview with major US consumer advocate re Smart meters

2015-02-24 – Companies looking to use and combine all of our personal data- smart meters are key.

2015-02-25  – Recall efforts beginning against some MLAs.

2015-02-26  – Implication of Lloyd’s waiver re. wireless exposure

2015-02-27 – Hedy Fry supports Bill C-648 – Letter to Kendall

2015-02-28  – Upcoming presentation in Kelowna

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