2015-02-02 Our pollinators are being seriously endangered by RF.


  • Scientists have long warned that radiation from wireless devices is endangering our pollinators: bees, birds, and bats. >From India, a study from 3 years ago that confirms that exposure can lead to bee’s colony collapse. We all realize RF isn’t the only threat, but this is a major and increasing pervasive one.



  • MP Terence Young of Oakville, Ont. has been told by Bell and Telus that cell phones are safe, that they “pose no health risk” which is just a lie. Why do they have warnings in their manuals then? Perhaps we need to write not only our MPs asking for support of this bill but also Bell and Telus, shaming them, telling them we will refuse to use their products – all of their products.  Money talks.



  • In case you missed the program yesterday, here is a recording of the interview with Dr. David Carpenter


(audio 42:09) [Health – Wireless] “EMF Pollution: The Invisible Hazards Revealed” with Jonathan Landsman and David Carpenter, M.D., the world’s leading expert on environmental hazards and public health. – NaturalHealth365 – February 01, 2015:


  • More on the lawsuit in Illinois by Kim Bendis against the city for arresting her for filming a smeter installation.



  • Attached is an update on the status of Fortis smeters as provided by a letter in the Valley Voice, Jan. 28, 2015.


  • Many people are going off the grid, escaping the areas where RF is pervasive and life is hectic.



  • A youtube on EHS and personal experience created by one of our members.



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