2015-02-19 BC Hydro offering monitors — a new way to hack into your personal info.

  • A very comprehensive article about smart meters in the US with some links to good articles. A major difference to keep in mind is that our smart meters are mandated by law in BC, where in most places in the US they aren’t.  We must fight through our class action to change the law here to allow choice.



  • BC Hydro is offering a new entry into your private life, and it’s on sale!!  A way to control your “smart” appliances through the internet, cell phones, etc.



  • For many people, the Smart meters seem to be the last straw that their bodies can take, pushing them to full blown EHS.





  • Attached is a report on emissions by Smart meters. ITRON meters were tested and it was found that:

“The AMR meters were originally designed to transmit a 7 millisecond pulse of data about once every two seconds. (The meters we tested ran at about two pulses per minute.)”   or between 2880-43,200 signals a day.


Re. emissions (conducted energy”  that travel on home wiring:

“If the 915 MHz conducted energy were held to the same standard as 30 MHz, the level of the 915 MHz conducted energy from the AMR meter would fail. FCC Part 15 conducted emissions regulations do not specify conducted emissions limits above 30 MHz. The 30 MHz limit for an appliance injecting noise into the power line is 50 dBμV at 10 ft (cable distance from the device under test)”



  • Ellie Marks has been trying to raise the level of awareness about the dangers of cell phone because of her husband’s brain cancer. She continues to work to connect with others who suffered or whose loved one suffered brain cancer that is believed to have been as a result of cell phone use.


  •  In Maryland, where people who opt out are charged $11-$17 a month ( 1/3 -1/2 of what we are), a bill has been brought forward eliminating all fees, as being unfair for many. The question has never been answered – why is the cost of Hydro’s “meter reading” the highest in North America, often by 2-3 times? Meters could be read by the readers who do the gas meter reading for less than $5 a month, we could call readings in, and reading is already included in our rates. This is pure extortion. As a reminder of what others are being charged, I’ve attached our chart of fees:


 BC Hydro Opt-Out fees

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