2015-02-18 UK member of European committee called for undisclosed conflict of interest

  • Please read and share this amazing letter by Eileen O’Connor of the UK’s Radiation Research Trust in which she confronts Richard Adams for failing to disclose his conflicts of interest with utility companies that are pushing smart meters through Europe.  He influenced members of the European Economic and Social Committee to consider that Electro-hypersensivity (EHS) is psychosomatic, and not a physical reaction to the RF/EMR.  The estimates are that 22,000,000-37,000,000 people in Europe alone suffer EHS, but this could be low, and definitely will be increasing, just as it is in Canada. Note that both The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, and Citizens for Safe Technology are signatories.



  • Cybersecurity concerns grow as malwear infections attack the “internet of things” including Smart  meters.

Motive predicts attacks against objects like Internet-connected video surveillance equipment, alarm systems, smart meters and automobiles in the coming year. A plethora of connected devices via the Internet of Things means more attack opportunities.




  • Further to the fire in Dallas in which a man died, one reporter says that 2 unidentified power providers confirm smeters have caused fires on homes with older wiring.



  • This is how time-of-use (TOU) billing is often presented initially, as a benefit to the customer who can “chose” to use electricity at a different time for certain chores.  What really happens is that people who cannot use electricity during the day (peak hours) to do chores like cooking or heating the home will pay substantially more than they are now. Often people see bills doubling and tripling. Even though Hydro has said it has no plans for TOU billing, the infrastructure is there waiting for implementation. It was a critical part of Hydro’s business plan.



  • Another example of BC Hydro’s inexplicable push to support Site C and private facilities at the cost of fully functional, publicly owned plants. It makes no financial sense, except to the private companies that likely support the liberal politicians.




  • More industry admission that the data they will get from the smart meters is highly desirable and valuable:


The aim is nothing less than “a virtual European market place, where the data collected by distributors through smart meters, traders and retailers is available to those who want to offer services to customers,” said Paola Petroni, Head of Network Technologies at Enel Distribuzione.




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