2015-02-23 Interview with major US consumer advocate re Smart meters


  • A very good interview about Smart Meters and power grid with Jim Turner, a long time consumer advocate who was part of Ralph Nader’s Raiders.  He is very concerned about the health, fire and privacy issues – especially the use of our data.

 http://www.naturalhealth365.com/wireless-technology-energy-industry-1199.html  a 33 min. interview


  • In India govt agencies are being criticized for hiding evidence that RF is dangerous, and misleading the public, just as Perry Kendall and Health Canada are doing here. They need to be “outed” and shamed.



  • A presentation in Nanoose Bay, Thursday Feb. 26, 7pm.  No charge

 At the Nanoose Bay Community Centre, across from the Red Gap on North-West Bay Road

There will be a presentation and discussion about wireless devices, the studies about the health effects to help people make informed decisions about them and future generation. The intent is to form a group (Grandparents for Grandchildren).


  • Article about the cell phone labelling bill put forward by MP Terence Young, seconded by BC MP Libby Davies and supported by BC MP Elizabeth May. (see letter below)



  • I had circulated an article from this online magazine before (“Smart meters – not so smart” by Amy Worthington) but there are other really good articles about RF and wireless devices you might want to read.






Sent: February 22, 2015 2:20 PM
To: Dan.Albas@parl.gc.ca; alex.atamanenko@parl.gc.ca; ron.cannan@parl.gc.ca; jean.crowder@parl.gc.ca; nathan.cullen@parl.gc.ca; don.davies@parl.gc.ca; fin.donnelly@parl.gc.ca; john.duncan@parl.gc.ca; ed.fast@parl.gc.ca; Kerry-Lynne.Findlay@parl.gc.ca; hedy.fry@parl.gc.ca; Randall.Garrison@parl.gc.ca; nina.grewal@parl.gc.ca; richard.harris@parl.gc.ca; russ.hiebert@parl.gc.ca; peter.julian@parl.gc.ca; randy.kamp@parl.gc.ca; james.lunney@parl.gc.ca; colin.mayes@parl.gc.ca; cathy.mcleod@parl.gc.ca; james.moore@parl.gc.ca; joyce.murray@parl.gc.ca; Murray.Rankin@parl.gc.ca; Jasbir.Sandhu@parl.gc.ca; andrew.saxton@parl.gc.ca; Jinny.Sims@parl.gc.ca; Kennedy.Stewart@parl.gc.ca; Mark.Strahl@parl.gc.ca; mark.warawa@parl.gc.ca; john.weston@parl.gc.ca; David.Wilks@parl.gc.ca; alice.wong@parl.gc.ca; Wai.Young@parl.gc.ca; Bob.Zimmer@parl.gc.ca; dsnoble@shaw.ca >> Dennis and Sharon Noble

BILL C-648,An Act respecting the prevention of potential health risks from radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation

 As a Canadian citizen and a resident of British Columbia I am writing to all of you as MPs of British Columbia.
Please sign on to support MP Terence Young’s bill that is asking for a mandate that all cell phones be labelled with warnings about EMF exposure and that it is harmful to ones health.

This week the French Parliament passed a law addressing electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
While the new law does not go nearly far enough, it is the first of its kind in the world. Among its provisions are the following:
Any advertisement for cell phones must mention, clearly and legibly, the recommended use of an accessory device that reduces exposure of the head to radio frequency radiation. Violators are subject to a fine of 75,000 euros.

Advertisements promoting the use of cell phones without such accessories are prohibited. Violators are subject to a fine of 75,000 euros.

Anyone selling a cell phone must provide, upon request, an accessory designed for children under 14 years of age that reduces exposure of the head to radio frequency radiation.
Also in France

In July 2010, the national assembly passed a law that bans the advertising of cellphones to children under the age of 14; bans their use during teaching in nursery, elementary and middle schools; and requires all cellphones to be sold with an ear piece or other hands-free device that limits the head’s exposure to radio frequencies. The government also set up a website dedicated to the issue of radio frequencies and their effects on health and the environment.


Russia’s so-called sanitary and epidemiologic rules and regulations recommend that children under 18 limit their cellphone use. In May, the Russian National Committee on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection, a scientific body that has conducted research into the health effects of cellphone radiation for the Russian health ministry and the WHO, issued a series of recommendations.

It suggested that children under 18 be more strongly and publicly advised against using cellphones. It also proposed that the devices themselves be labelled with information stating they are a source of radio frequency electromagnetic fields and that the user’s manual states that the phone is a sources of “harmful RF EMF exposure” and that cellphone use by children under 18 and pregnant women is not recommended.

Legislation passed to date has been in San Francisco, where the city passed a “right to know” ordinance that would require cellphone retailers to display posters and provide fact sheets informing customers of potential health risks and outlining how to reduce those risks


The country’s Office for Radiation Protection has recommended that children limit their cellphone use and issued the following general tips for reducing exposure to radio frequencies:

  • Buy phones with a low specific absorption rate, or SAR, a measurement of the amount of energy in watts that a body absorbs per kilogram in an electromagnetic field. (The office has a database of SAR valuesby cellphone model sold in Germany.)
  • Use landlines whenever available.
  • Place phones next to your ear only once the phone on the other end is ringing.
  • Make calls as short as possible.
  • Do not use phone when reception is bad.
  • Use hands-free headsets.
  • In cars, use cellphone only with a hands-free kit and outdoor antenna.
  • Send text messages instead of making calls.


Taiwan has banned children under the age of two from using electronic devices such as iPads, televisions and smartphones.

Parents who allow their young children to play with their gadgets face fines of up to £1,000, in line with a law passed last week.

The new law also states that parents must ensure that under-18s only use electronic products for a ‘reasonable’ length of time.

The new law means that iPads, smartphones and televisions are now listed alongside cigarettes and alcohol as restricted.

It is now the time for Canada to smarten up and start protecting everyone, especially young children from the harmful effects of cell phone usage and other wireless devices.

Please sign on to support Bill C-648.
Just think how you would feel after not supporting this bill and your child or grandchild is diagnosed with brain cancer or some other preventable cancer.

PLEASE support Bill C-648

Kathy Read  (name used with author’s permission)
Agassiz, BC

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