2015-02-09 Here is the EHS form for the survey

  • A couple updates ago I sent out information about an EHS survey being conducted by Dr. Beatrice A. Golomb, of the University of San Diego.  Over the last couple of days, well-respected researchers have supported this survey, encouraging people to participate.  One of our members took the survey and said it takes about an hour to complete but thought it was excellent. Attached is the form.



  • Saskatoon is getting smart metered with Elster meters which have been involved in fires elsewhere. It sounds as if the installation is being done more carefully than it was here which should help reduce the problems but in all probability they won’t be eliminated.




  • Lynda Steele of CTV Steele on your side, has a facebook item about the Samsung TVs that capture your face, voice, etc. This gives us the chance to talk about smart meters being the door through which hackers will eventually be able to learn all about you through the “smart” appliances, like your fridge. Remember the recent incident where a hacker got into the person’s laptop via a fridge?  Please comment.



  • More on the Samsung TV that listens and watches you. It is creeping people out, as it should. How do you know what other appliances and devices have been loaded to keep track of you?



Lack of security extends to cars, where hackers could take over the car, dismantle the brakes, steering, etc.



  • In the US it has been found that 10% of the cell antennae are emitting RF radiation above the FCC limit which is the same as Safety Code 6 – among the worst in the world. Independent scientific studies show that the limit is many 100s of times higher than the amount that is believed to result in biological effects. And these limits are being exceeded!! The same was found by someone taking measurements in Toronto. The cell companies are allowed to monitor themselves – no one is watching out for us.



  • In Indiana, a news broadcast about privacy, invasion of it, and the “grid”.




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