2015-02-15 Another study showing RF can damage sperm

  • Studies for some time have shown that prolonged exposure to RF can affect sperm. [See full article here http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3850324/] is a study using the 900Mhz frequency, the same frequency used by Smart Meters, confirming that sperm motility and viability [can be decreased]. The BC Centre for Disease Control reviewed, at the request of many Coalition members, recent research (150 studies)  on biological effects of RF and, in March 2013, released a report which included, in part:

“Almost all of the recent reviews on mobile phones and male fertility published since 2009 have concluded that sperm motility was the most consistent parameter showing a decline with exposure to RF.”

“Given that the balance of evidence is for some adverse effect, even if that effect cannot yet be precisely defined, it seems reasonable to proceed with caution.” 

Chapter 10, page 281, “Radiofrequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners”


When I asked Dr. Kendall if he would employ the precautionary principles regarding RF after this risk of harm was confirmed by the BCCDC, Dr. Kendall said he did not share my opinion.



  • Good news from a member who had an expired meter exchanged:

Just to let you know from my constant emails to Hydro with copies to you and many others – never talking about it on the phone with them – getting in writing (email) that I could have my own electrician present – and in a final email me saying let’s get it done – but only with a Hydro employee not Corix – with my electrician present – with only an analogue like you have given others and I am paying the extra $70 for one meter reading every 2nd month.  They agreed to call me to set up appointment.  So yesterday I got a call from Rick who informed me he was a Hydro employee and that he had an analogue meter for me and could come out in half an hour.  I decided to skip my electrician seeing he had what I wanted right then.  He came, was very nice, even took the bar off that had stripped screws so had to use pliers and said he didn’t know why Hydro didn’t just let the people who did not want it, leave it at that, as they had the bulk of people on the new smart meter program so wouldn’t make much difference to them anyhow.

 I chatted with him while he worked – old digital meter of mine on back had 2007 tag that is when it got installed.  The analogue had on the back 1991 tag and meter was made in Canada.  He said they would have checked it that it was recording accurately and not done anything else with it before giving to him to install.

 I asked him what they had said to him about me.  He said they told him to pick up a box of analogue meters and to call me and make an appointment.  I said why a box of them and he said he guessed cuz there would be more people to do.


  • An update on cell phones and health effects. It is useful to remember that cell phones have been is use by the average person for no more than 20 years, and probably fewer. Wi-Fi and other wireless devices have been in use for even fewer years. This means we really are the guinea pigs for this new technology and the results are yet to be realized. As many researchers such as Dr. Martin Blank warn, there will be a pandemic like mankind has never seen. We must do what we can to reduce exposure, especially to our children.



  • Weirder things happen or are being suggested every day. This is the weirdest today. The cell phone/Wi-Fi industry wants to turn animals into cellular hot spots. Not only is this cruel to the animal, it means that soon there will be nowhere to go to escape RF.



  • Warning that Smart  water meters can increase the amount of personal data being extracted, and becomes especially telling when combined with the electricity meters.




From a member:

Sent: February 15, 2015 12:05 PM
To: Prime Minister/Premier Ministre
Cc: Premier’s Office PREM:EX; Andrew Weaver.MLA
Subject: U.S. Navy Practicing Warfare Tech.

His Excellency, Bruce A. Heyman
U.S. Ambassador
P.O. Box 866, Station B
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5T1

Your Excellency:
We are currently experiencing an almost on-going hum and other noise factors attributable to “Growler” jets stationed at Whidbey Island/Puget Sound in our neck of the woods, just across the border in Canada.

In addition to this noise, the U.S. Navy plans to practice war games and strategies using all the latest in technological warfare devices such a those that use radio frequencies, electromagnetic fields, microwaves.  Take note that those of us living in the area of the flight path are being endangered by this activity as we lie within the fall-out zone of all these emissions.

On top of that, there are discussions being held regarding use of sonic buoys in coastal waters, both U.S. and Canadian.  Don’t try to tell me these sonic waves will not interfere with the undersea denizens who rely on sonar to communicate and to navigate safely through these waters.

Now, we are being told no harm will come to either human life or other creatures living above and beneath the sea.  Research done on these matters is generally skewed to favour whoever is paying the researchers, so I am inclined not to trust what we are being told.

We are constantly inundated by electromagnetic/radio frequencies and microwave emissions by Smart Meters, cell towers, cell phones, medical machines to a degree never before assaulting our bodies.  This attack continues and increases at an alarming rate.  This constant bombardment must cease.  Or we are all endangered species on this planet. The U.S. Navy needs to re-think their plans post haste.


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