2015-02-06 Person responsible for EHS vote failing in Europe outed for having bias

Comment re. letter in update 2015-02-04. In a letter the writer said it was illegal not to insure your home. This is not accurate. I must admit I thought you were required to have insurance if you have a mortgage to “protect the bank’s interest” but I’ve been told this is not accurate. Several people have written me to tell me they do not have insurance.  Thank you.  So sorry for any confusion.


  • Last month a major proposal before the European Economic and Social Committee concerning EHS was voted down by a narrow margin thanks to the efforts of one man, Richard Adams. His bias is clear, and Susan Foster, a longtime advocate for those with EHS, has called him on this. Her letter is attached and at the end she asks an important question that pertains to people like Perry Kendall and his minions, like Robert Stanwick,  to those in Health Canada, like Robert McNamara, and politicians like Bill Bennett. When does moral negligence become criminal negligence? (Ted’s note –  This is a MUST READ article)


  • Resistance to Smart Meters is growing in New York state:



  • An Australian doctor calls for more studies of health effects directly related to $$ Smart Meters:

 “Interestingly, only 8% of the participants in the current study stated that they had suffered from EHS prior to exposure to smart meters, which suggests that the threshold for symptom development appears to be significantly lower when it comes to wireless meters compared with that for other wireless devices.”


Here is a summary of the report.



  • After a new study, a call by several internationally respected researchers to eliminate wireless devices, especially those that in schools.





  • A petition in Quebec that perhaps we should consider starting in BC. Why are BC rate increases so high, far higher than inflation, hitting those who can least afford it the hardest. As many go off the grid to escape the tyranny of Hydro, the rate increases will be greater. Remember, the profits of BC Hydro have been going into the government coffer to offset other costs. Let’s call it what it really is – another tax.








  • Corix CEO is leaving.  Good riddance and let’s hope that Bennett and Reimer follow soon. Please comment.



  • In my Feb. 3 update, the attached article by Richard Caniell  that was published in the Valley Voice was attached. Richard asked me to advise that there were 2 typos that he would like to correct. One is the date. The article was written Jan. 28, 2015 (not 2014.)  The second is the number of municipal councils asking for a moratorium on the $$ smart meter program until it could be proven to be safe was 59, not 39. This is a significant number of governments that were ignored by the Clark government and her energy ministers, Rich Coleman and Bill Bennett. In addition, the Union of BC Municipalities in their annual meeting in Sept, 2011 voted to support the motion for a moratorium. Rich Coleman, Energy Minister at the time, said he didn’t care, it would continue. People had 3 choices: take the smart meter, go off the grid or leave the province. This was when they planned on having the grid finished by Dec. 2012!!!!


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