2015-02-21 Environmental groups co-opted by industry. Smeters contribute nothing green!

  • Attached is the latest in a series of articles by Richard Caniell about BC Hydro’s draconian smart meter program and the bullying tactics used against its customers with the approval/acceptance by politicians.


  • Many respected “environmental” groups have been co-opted by industry, resulting in many supporting the lies that the smart meters are “green”. Many of our politicians, e.g. John Horgan, believe the industry sales pitch about the benefits that these meters will achieve, with many saying that the benefits outweigh the harm. Timothy Schoechle tells why this has happened, and gives us information to confront and refute the lies and, hopefully, to educate the politicians who have been badly misled.  Please get this info to your MLA and to Dix and Horgan.



  • I circulated this when it first was published in 2012, but since that time many have joined the Coalition. One member suggested sharing again. It contains a lot of good information that can be shared and used in letters, etc. It’s a letter written by Dr. David Carpenter, co-signed by 54 independent researchers and scientists, to refute an article by industry people, headed by Lorne Trottier who got some profs. from various disciplines (some not scientific in any regard) at universities he funds heavily, to say that RF is safe, that there is no evidence of harm from RF emitted by smart meters.




  • the bill being proposed by MP Young requiring labels on wireless devices with info currently buried in manuals. Where are all the BC MPs?? I only see Libby Davies and Elizabeth May from BC signing on to support this. Please press your MP – again and again.



  • MLA says that the govt is refusing to release data even under an FOI re. health effects of fracking, etc. because it “could be harmful to the financial interest of a public body.” I believe the same thing is happening re. the Smart Meter program. Why else would it be so hard to get information such as the insurance payments made by Hydro for property damaged by smart meters?  Whose financial interest? Certainly not ours and we own Hydro. Could the financial interest be those of Hydro execs and Liberal buddies and politicians?  Why isn’t the NDP pushing for more information on the costs, problems and harm done by the smeter program?



  • Hydro’s reconnections fees remain high even for those with $$meters because of “IT costs but BCUC will review.”

 (video 01:24) [BC Hydro – Bills] Hydro reconnection fees still high despite smart meters by Sandra Hermiston and Lynda Steele – CTV Vancouver – February 20, 2015:



Email circulated by a member.

From: Rita [mailto:paeanism@telus.net]
Sent: February 20, 2015 12:09 PM
Cc: andrew weaver mla
Subject: Re: Request for Audit of BC Hydro’s Smart Meter Program

Greetings ,

Thank you for forwarding this item from Sharon Noble along to me.  I’m really aware having emceed the last Smart Meters Rally in Nanaimo. 

It would be more than nice, it would be fantastic, if those contacts you have would likewise write to the Auditor General on the fiasco that is smart meters in the Province of British Columbia, backing up the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in their letter and request.

Speaking as an individual who still has an analogue meter and fought hard to retain it only to be gouged an extortion fee of $64.80 each billing for having it, I’m ticked off with BC Hydro’s attitude.  I use approximately $20 per month in hydro, so this charge is more than an insult, it’s infuriating.  If I had nothin’ but money I’d go off grid solar so fast it would make your head spin.

I’m more than flippin’ tired of this BC Liberal government consistently backing up corporate interest at the expense of the citizens of this province as I’m sure every one of your contacts are.  Let’s inundate the Auditor General.

Onwards & Upwards!

Best Regards,

Rita Dawson  (name included at request of author)

In the Land of NO to smart meters


Sent: February 20, 2015 7:44 AM
To: Office PREM:EX OfficeofthePremier; Bill Bennett.MLA; greg.reimer@bchydro.com; Andrew Weaver, MLA; Horgan.MLA, John; Adrian Dix.MLA; elizabeth.May.A4@parl.gc.ca
Subject: Fees to read smart meters

Elected Representatives

I have just learned Maryland reads analogue meters for FREE compared to BC Hydro’s outrageous fees of close to $70 per billing.

Why is this Liberal government (under Ms. Clark’s leadership) preying on small consumers while signing agreements to purchase power from foreign multionationals at up to 3X the cost of the power generated in the run of the river projects???  And why are the opposition parties so disinterested and/or ineffectual in opposing this violation of the public interest?

http://www.kelownacapnews.com/opinion/letters/293008401.html  Please comment.

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