2015-02-27 Hedy Fry supports Bill C-648 – Letter to Kendall


  • Hedy Fry, MP for Vancouver Centre, Liberal Health Critic, has signed as a supporter of Bill C-648 re, having labels on cell phones.
    There are 21 supporters.
    You can see if your MP is there at http://www.c4st.org/PMB  . If he/she hasn’t, why not?



From Jerry Flynn to

Dr. Perry Kendall, BC Provincial Health Officer


From: Jerry Flynn [mailto:jerryjgf@shaw.ca]
Sent: February-26-15 12:49 PM
To: ‘perry.kendall@gov.bc.ca‘; ‘terry.lake.mla@leg.bc.ca‘;
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Cc: ‘premier@gov.bc.ca‘; ‘suzanne.anton.mla@leg.bc.ca‘;
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‘andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca‘; ‘john.yap.mla@leg.bc.ca‘;
Subject: Ignorance, Greed and Corruption is Harming our Children,
Grandchildren and Us!

Dr. Perry Kendall, how can you continue to stubbornly ignore the truth about the known dangers of wireless technology?
If there is a shred of decency left in you and you can somehow still care one whit for today’s children and all future generations, you’d immediately divorce yourself from Health Canada’s corrupt Radiation Protection Bureau and heed what other countries
are doing.
History will not be kind to you, Dr. Kendall, and you’ll never be able to escape the harm and suffering you have caused people for the almost 16 years you’ve held office. Just a sampling of what is happening in the “real” world:

a) Salzburg’s Public Health Department warned that Wi-Fi should not be installed in schools or nurseries;

b) the Austrian Medical Association is lobbying against deployment of Wi-Fi in schools.

Belgium has banned children’s cell phones. Cell phones must now bear label showing relative radiation emitted.

Council of Europe (47 countries, 800-million people) recommended banning Wi-Fi and cell phones and schools.

European Parliament (28 countries, 500-million people) in 2008 urged tighter safety standards for cell phones and all wireless technology (DECT phones, Wi-Fi routers, etc.)

Finland’s government urges children to limit use of cell phones as long-term effects are not yet known.


a) in 2015, the national government banned Wi-Fi in kindergartens;
in middle schools, Wi-Fi must be turned off when not in use;

b) the Senate is pressing for ban of cell phones and Wi-Fi in primary & middle schools;

c) libraries impose moratorium on Wi-Fi due to illnesses experienced;

d) the Town of Herouville-Saint-Clair removes Wi-Fi from all schools, imposes Precautionary Principle!


a ) the national Health Protection Agency urged removal of cordless phones; use cabled communications instead of Wi-Fi;

b) The Teachers’ Union for Education and Knowledge told its members to resist roll-out of Wi-Fi on safety grounds;

c) Frankfurt City and Bavarian Parliament – recommend
against Wi-Fi in schools.

ICEMS – International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety (one of the most respected body of independent scientists in the world) says industry is wrong in saying there is no evidence that all wireless is dangerous.

Urges people of all ages, but especially children, to limit use of cell phones and other wireless technologies.

India’s Ministry of Telecommunications said children under 16 should not use cell phones!

Israel’s Ministry of Health recommends youth to limit use of cell phones; don’t use them in enclosed spaces; use wired ear pieces.

Korea. Has imposed the Precautionary Principle nation-wide on wireless technology.

Russia, the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCIRP) issued a Press Release in 2008, entitled: “Children and Mobile Phones: The Health of Following Generations is at Risk!” It said children under 18 should not use cell phones!

Taiwan, has made it illegal for children under two (2) to use wireless technology! Parents can be fined! Parents have to ensure children under 18 use electronic products for a “reasonable length of time.”

The United Kingdom:

a) Chief Medical Officers strongly recommend that children younger than 16 should NOT use cell phones!

b) Education Professionals Union (Voice) (formerly the Professional Association of Teachers) calls for moratorium on new Wi-Fi installations in schools and withdrawal of existing Wi-Fi networks;

c) Association of Teachers and Lecturers, in 2009, called for a suspension of existing Wi-Fi networks as they were concerned by scientific reports linking wi-fi with impaired concentration, loss of short-term memory, chromosome damage and increased
incidence of cancer!

Yours truly,

James G. (“Jerry”) Flynn



http://www.wifiinschools.org.uk/ <http://www.wifiinschools.org.uk/>

www.bioinitiative.org <http://www.bioinitiative.org>

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