2015-02-01 A digital 9/11

1) Good idea from a member:

I too am a concerned b.c tax payer over the issue of smart meters after studying and reading many reports about actual fires and reasons issued by Fortis and B.C. hydro about ‘mystery fires’ it’s hard to miss the excuse of ‘older homes with older wiring’ and ‘faulty wiring’ etc. By their own words they are identifying a problem with ‘older homes’ and new technology that doesn’t mix very well. If you have a home over 25 years old I highly suggest you write to the insurance brokers of B.C. to suggest for insurance reasons that your ‘old’ house be exempt from having a smart meter installed as a result of fortis and B.C hydro’s own explanations for fires in our province. I think it’s becoming crystal clear by their own admissions that fortis and B.C Hydro have also identified a problem here and should be held accountable and made to stop installation of smart meters with homes that have ‘old infrastructure’ that does not support a smart meter** you can write them at www.ibabc.org

 Anyone who has had a “failure” or fire due to “older wiring” should insist upon seeing the insurance report and asking, point blank, if the insurer subrogated the claim, charging Hydro/Fortis for the claim.


2)  Important interview with a hacker, warning about the “digital 9/11” .

Very possible to take down the power grid – possible to destroy and disorient whole countries with digital warfare now



3)  A very sad request for help on kijiji because Hydro cut power.



bc hydro illegally cut my power lines on 12/11/2014 , and im out of firewood to keep the place above freezing now , my woodstove isn’t very wide but it is a bit long , so whole chunks of log wont fit but long pieces will , i have no money no phone and a half borken bike so i wont be able to transport any wood myself , if anyone has some extra wood they can spare that would be very helpful……

update – relative found a cheap order of wood for me so i have a pile of wood now , but of course a single cord wont be enough to last through the winter most likely so still if it becomes possible i would like to receive extra wood i can from anyone who’s willing to give it….



4)   The War on Understanding Cancer:  “Deceit and greed the hallmarks of a century-long sham”








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